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David Lawrence Rare Coins Steps into Future with Newly Redesigned Website


CoinWeek Assistant Editor Hubert Walker got a sneak peak at the new David Lawrence site and files this report…

“Hello, 2016!”

That’s what I thought when I scrolled through David Lawrence Rare Coins newly redesigned website. It feels like a numismatic website from the future.

With a horizontal layout and much larger graphics, the David Lawrence Rare Coin’s new site seems much more aware of the internet as a visual medium and not just an electronic handbill.

Right away, customers can look at large, crisp images of coins that respond to the visitor’s mouse in a natural, unobtrusive way. This, along with obviously larger font sizes and far fewer text-based links, shows a better grasp of what keeps a customer’s attention. Better yet, the design didn’t feel overly artistic and doesn’t get in the way of the site’s primary objective- to sell coins.

When you click on one of the remaining links, the main page transforms around your choice instead of taking you somewhere you’ll have to hit the back button a few times to get out of if you decided it wasn’t where you wanted to go to.

Overall design aesthetic has improved, or at least caught up with the times. An internet-ready color palette and a “flatter” approach to graphics belong to the age of Apple and Android, not Aol and Netscape.

Item pages have been completely overhauled…


On mobile, the website fits well on smartphones, with what links there are forming a vertical column and the main page’s coin images forming a sliding navigation bar that you can browse with your finger at the bottom. It’s unobtrusive and functional.

DLRC President John Feigenbaum tells CoinWeek that the new site was two years in the making and that all the company’s systems had to be recoded to take advantage of the new functionality.

The new davidlawrence.com launches next week.

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