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The Anonymous Mint has a stellar reputation for the production of copper and silver round series with distinctive, one-of-a-kind designs. All of the mint’s rounds are limited-edition offerings with small batches. Julie Lindquist leads the Anonymous Mint in creating each new series, and at JM Bullion we’re proud to partner with the Anonymous Mint on exclusive distribution of various series. You’ve previously seen the Alphonse Mucha Collection from Anonymous, as well as the Amy Brown Collection (another JM Bullion exclusive). Now, we’re excited to introduce a brand-new exclusive series from Anonymous Mint with the Lisa Parker Series.

Who is Lisa Parker?

Lisa Parker is one of the world’s leading fantasy artists. Her works bring together wildlife from the natural world with mystical designs that captivate collectors. She’s been drawing since she could hold a pencil but admits it wasn’t always easy to continue on as an artist. Though she started with pastels and watercolors, she eventually goes into oil-based painting. The expense of oil and putting on exhibitions nearly pushed her out of the painting.

However, she attributes her success to watching other watercolors and oil-based painters draw from real life. She studied Natural History Illustration at Bournemouth & Poole Institute of Art & Design, and today she combines her passion for nature and wildlife with the mystical realm using lighting and composition to create beautiful works.

For the new Lisa Parker Series, Julie Lindquist selected six of her most well-known designs to feature on 1 oz silver and 5 oz silver rounds. The collection offers a total of six different options with each design release. First up in the Lisa Parker Series is Moonstruck.

The Moonstruck Design

On the obverse side of the first silver round in the Lisa Parker Series is Moonstruck. Those familiar with the tale of LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD might find a similar appeal in this design. The Moonstruck image pits a wolf face-to-face with a young girl wearing a hooded cape over her shoulders and head. The design puts the two nose-to-nose at one another’s eye level as they gaze directly at each other.

In the background field, the moon looms large in the center of the design field. The distant background includes a tree-lined hill while the near background field includes trees warped to the shape of the round’s edge with a slight curve. In the colorized release of the Moonstruck design, you’ll find that the moon has its traditional colorization with white and gray. The wolf has shades of gray, white, and brown with piercing blue eyes and a glint of blue on its nose reflecting the moon’s light. The girl has fair skin, brunette hair, and a brilliant red cape.

Lisa Parker Series Common Reverse

Like other series from the Anonymous Mint, there is one design used on the reverse of all rounds in the collection regardless of weight or type. The name of this design is Wild One and it depicts the large head of a wolf staring directly at you as the viewer of this silver round. This majestic wolf’s head stares straight ahead with a five-pointed star directly behind the head. The background field includes smaller twinkling stars with barren trees also visible. This side of the silver rounds includes the interlocked “LP” initials of Lisa Parker. Each round also has its weight, purity, and metal content included in the lower-left field of the reverse.

Availability and Packaging

The Moonstruck release in the Lisa Parker Series includes 1 oz and 5 oz silver rounds. All individual rounds, regardless of size, are housed in protective plastic capsules to ensure the quality of the finish and beauty of the design. Each round comes with its own numbered Certificate of Authenticity that reflects the individual serial number engraved onto the edge of the rounds themselves. In keeping with Anonymous Mint’s approach, mintage figures for this series are incredibly low and include the following numbers:

  • 1 oz Proof – 750
  • 1 oz Antique – 250
  • 1 oz Proof Colorized – 750
  • 5 oz Proof – 250
  • 5 oz Antique – 250
  • 5 oz Proof Colorized – 250

All proof silver rounds in this series have traditional visual appeal. The design elements have a frosted finish that contrasts beautifully with the mirrored background field to help set it apart. Antique silver rounds have a proprietary antique polish applied that gives the round the appeal of ancient coinage. Though the design and the round might appear visually weathered, each one is a brand-new product flawlessly struck. Proof colorized rounds in this series feature a layer of colorized lacquer on the obverse design field only. The application of this thin layer of lacquer does nothing to the purity of the silver on these rounds but does help add visual brilliance to the design and revitalizes the designs as Lisa Parker originally designed each one.

Upcoming Designs

In total there are six designs in the new Lisa Parker Series. The Anonymous Mint’s upcoming designs in the collection include:

  • What Lies Within
  • Moon Gazer
  • Apache
  • Power of Three
  • Snow Kisses

The next design to feature in the series is What Lies Within. This haunting design features a black cat perched along the top ledge of a stone wall as it stares back at the viewer with its own sense of wonder and foreboding at the creepy cottage in the background. The moon lights the sky in a barren forest as the door to the cottage is slightly ajar, inviting those with a sense of adventure to enter at their own risk.

Purchase Exclusively from JM Bullion

All of the designs in the Lisa Parker Series from Anonymous Mint will release exclusively with JM Bullion. The Moonstruck design is already available and waiting for your purchase. If you have any questions about this series and the Moonstruck design, please contact JM Bullion at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or send us an email. We encourage you to check our blog each week and remember to follow us on Facebook for the latest updates on all things precious metals.


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