MA-Shops World Coin Round-Up: November 2018 Edition

Sarah Vjestica from CoinWeek Partner MA-Shops offers up four interesting selections in this month’s episode of World Coin Round-Up.

Up first is a classic U.S. pattern coin from David Lawrence Rare Coins (DLRC). The coin is the famous 1856 Flying Eagle cent. When the United States Mint reduced the size of the one cent coin and eliminated the half cent it ignited the spark for a generation of American coin collectors. This first “test” issue introduced the design to Congressional leaders and Treasury stakeholders. A year later the coin would go into full production. The American numismatic landscape would never be the same.

Coin number two is a 1488 Frederik III Goldgulden from the Netherlands. This classic gold coin features a striking image of the Holy Roman Emperor, who was the second-to-last Holy Roman Emperor to be crowned by the Pope.

Coin number three is a Phoenician silver coin of Tennes, offered on MA-Shops by Munthandel G. Hanzen. This scarce ancient coin features two wonderful designs. An image of a Phoenician war galley on one side, and the Persian and Sidonian kings riding a chariot on the reverse.

The final piece is a silver medal from Thailand. Struck in 1888, this piece honors Thai Prince Vajiravudh, who was then a young boy. The prince succumbed to an illness as a young man and never ascended to the throne, but the medal, nonetheless, is a striking artifact of what could have been.

MA-Shops small sealThese four numismatic treasures from MA-Shops represent a tiny fraction of the broad-in-scope numismatic material that is listed every day on MA-Shops, Europe’s most trusted and visited online marketplace for coins, medals, paper money, and other numismatic collectibles.

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