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Founded in 2005 by Joachim Schwiening, MA-Shops offers collectors and enthusiasts access to nearly one million curated ancient and modern coins, medals, banknotes, militaria, and other collectibles.

Selling and purchasing valuables is a matter of trust. That’s why all of our dealers are screened based on strict criteria before they are certified and authenticated by MA-Shops.

Shop confidently at knowing every item is authentic, guaranteed and supported by MA-Shops and trusted dealers.

We are committed to value and integrity, and providing you with a premier collection of distinctive items.

Our certified dealers update their shops daily, with carefully curated items. Begin your discovery on the MA-Shops main page where you can search by Shop, place keywords in the search engine, or by clicking the “find new items” button. has been certified for safety and security to provide a secure environment for all buyers, sellers, and transactions. For an optimum shopping experience and access to all marketplace functions, please create an account and log in prior to placing your order.

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US 1896 $1 Morgan PCGS/CAC

68,500.00 US$

  • Catalog: 7331
  • Weight: 26.73 g
  • Diameter: 38.10 mm
  • Mintage: 762
  • Mint: Philadelphia
  • Designer: George T. Morgan

1825 Great Britain Sovereign – George IV

20,600.00 US$

  • Weight: 7.99 g

London. Graded by PCGS

Rouble 1726 – Catherine I (1725-1727) – Rare Condition!

9,150.00 US$

  • Catalog: Bitkin #44
  • Weight: 28.44 g

Mint luster!

Gold Aureus 147/148 – Roman coinage

9,150.00 US$

Catalog: RIC 171 var.


For the first time, the inscription PRIMI DECENNALES appears here in Roman coinage. The decennalia of Antoninus Pius are celebrated in the foreground. However, the festivities coincided with the 900th anniversary of Rome, which is why the coin emissions of this year are particularly extensive and magnificent. This piece certainly stands out among the different types.

AR Tetradrachm 175 BC magistrate Oyliades IONIA, MILETOS

4,400.00 US$

Jameson collection

  • Weight: 16.90g Silver
  • Diameter: 35mm

Obv. Laurated head of Apollo right within pearl-circle. Rev. Lion standing right, head turned back, star above and two monograms in front, MI?HTION above OY?IA?HS below. Very attractive and extremely rare coin, struck on a very broad flan.

20 Lire 1848 Italian States, Venice

4,200.00 US$

NGC 4466456-004. Struck for the Revolutionary Republic. Lion of St. Mark.

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MA-Shops small sealMA-Shops is an internet marketplace headquartered in Europe. MA-Shops has assembled a network of reputable coin dealers – both large and small – onto one, easy-to- use platform to sell coins, paper currency, medals, military orders and stamps directly to the collector. It is now the leading ”online collector mall” worldwide. Browsing through the site quickly reveals how wide and variegated the selection from MA-Shops and its associated dealers really is. In recent months, Schwiening and MA-Shops have made a concerted push into the American market.

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