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At MA-Shops, the width and breadth of offerings is deep, with a large variety of ancient and world coins at your perusal.

Here are five top-selling coins for the end of March, 2016:

  1. GERMAN, ROMAN CATHOLIC DIOCESE OF MÜNSTER: 1710 Franz Arnold von Metternich Taler. CH UNCGerman, Roman Catholic Diocese of Münster: 1710 Metternich TalerSold for: US$3,609.28
  2. ROMAN IMPERIAL: Nero Orichalcum Dupondius, 64 CE. EFRoman Imperial: Nero orichalcum dupondius, 64 CESold for: US$4,793.57
  3. VIETNAM: 1820-41 3 Tien Gold No Date. VFVietnam, annam 3 tien gold no date (1820-1841)Sold for: US$6,767.39
  4. EAST GERMAN: 1967 Wilhelm von Humboldt 20 Mark. ProofEast German,1967 Wilhelm von Humboldt 20 mark ProofSold for: US$9,248.77
  5. CARTHAGINIAN: Half Shekel. AUCarthage, half shekelSold for: US$9,587.14

About MA Shops

MA Shops is an internet marketplace headquartered in Germany that works with a network of predominantly European coin dealers to sell coins, paper currency, medals, military orders and decorations, stamps and even bottles of wine directly to the collector. Founded by Joachim Schwiening, MA Shops offers a wide variety of Ancient, Modern, World and U.S. coins. For an introductory video, click here.

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