CoinWeek Podcast #132: The Gold Market in a Time of Crisis (with Kitco’s Peter Hug)

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This week on the CoinWeek Podcast, precious metals expert Peter Hug joins me to share his insights into the current state of gold given supply chain disruptions at the leading mints caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

CoinWeek editor Charles Morgan asks Peter how this crisis compares to other fiscal crises over the course of the past hundred years and why a surge in metals prices this time is no sure thing. They also talk about the difference between institutional and individual buying and why fear doesn’t drive the market.

Peter Hug is Kitco’s Director of Global Trading and brings to this conversation a lifetime of market knowledge and a little bit of optimism in a market that is driven by uncertainty.

We also have great news for fans of the program. This week we are going to double dip this week and give you a second episode of the CoinWeek Podcast.

Check back Saturday to listen to our great conversation with EAC President Bill Eckberg. Charles and Bill talk about the United States Mint’s sourcing of planchets for 18th-century and early 19th-century large cents and half cents and how certain unavoidable factors impacted coin quality.

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