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The latest Nov/Dec 2007 issue of Die Variety News online bi-monthly magazine is now available in Adobe Acrobat© rich-text PDF (Portable Document File) which allows the viewer an extremely clear high resolution with dynamic zoom capability and detailed printing of each page.

This Nov/Dec issue #10 of DVN Magazine includes highlights on a Major doubled die discovered on a 1982 Lincoln cent, Mysterious doubled die found on a 2000-P Jefferson nickel, “More Presidential Dollar Doubled Dies and Errors;” “Another 2007 Lincoln Cent Doubled Die Reported;” “Die Clash Analysis on a Jefferson Dollar;” “Nice 1974-D Lincoln cent RPM Found” and this issue’s “Variety Spotlight” provides an in-depth look at the strong 1941 1c DDO#1. Plus the popular “This & That” section showcases many different types of varieties and errors submitted from Die Variety News Magazine readers

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  1. Well, the “latest” Nov/Dec 2007 issue doesn’t seem newsworthy. Kinda surprised to have found this link in summer 2012. Sounds interesting though.


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