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Dillon Gage Metals Offers Exclusive Uncle Sam One-Ounce Silver Round

Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Famous “I Want YOU” Poster

Dillon Gage Metals introduces new .999 silver rounds commemorating the 100th anniversary of the famous patriotic "I Want You" U.S. Army recruitment poster

Dillon Gage Metals, an international precious metals wholesaler, is set to release an exclusive and original one-ounce silver bullion medallion celebrating the 100th anniversary of the famous recruitment poster featuring Uncle Sam heralding, “I Want You for U.S. Army.” This iconic image is being portrayed for the first time in .999 fine silver and is being produced in the United States. Shipping of the rounds will be on a first come, first serve basis, expected to begin the week of May 22.

“We’re very proud to celebrate an iconic anniversary with the release of the ‘I Want You’ commemorative silver medallion,” said Terry Hanlon, president of Dillon Gage Metals. “We have a great respect for all of our military institutions and feel that this silver medallion honors the service and sacrifice of the men and women who bravely answered its call to action.”

The history of the famous “I Want You” poster goes back to 1917, shortly after the United States entered World War I following a declaration of war against Germany. Designed by then-famous 40-year-old magazine illustrator James Montgomery Flagg, four million of the recruitment posters were printed and then plastered on walls and lampposts in cities from coast to coast.

The iconic Uncle Sam posters were revived again in 1941 at the outset of America’s entrance into World War II and proved every bit as successful a recruitment tool as the first time around. Flagg’s famous poster and other patriotic imagery even drew praise from President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The “I Want You” silver rounds will be offered for sale only through Dillon Gage Metal’s network of authorized coin dealers, with pre-orders being accepted now. The coins are .999 fine silver and IRA Acceptable.

For more information, please visit the Uncle Sam silver medallion product sell sheet on the Dillon Gage website or call (800) 375-4653.

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