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Editions V. Gadoury Ancient and World Coin Auction 2020 – October 30-31

GADOURY Coin Auction 2020Éditions Victor GADOURY Coin Auction 2020 will take place on October 30-31 at the Hôtel Le Méridien, 22 Avenue Princesse Grace in Monaco. The sales covers exceptional coins from ancients to modern rarities as evidenced by a few of the highlights shown below. Many are also certified by PCGS and NGC and include some of the finest-known certified examples.

Online bidding on Numisbids will stop on Oct 29th but you may sign up for Live bidding so you can bid and follow the sale Live as each lot is offered. Enjoy the sale and Good Luck to all bidders!

If you have any questions about the coins or the sale, you can contact……….

57 rue Grimaldi
98000 MONACO
Principauté de Monaco
Phone: +377 93 25 12 96
Fax: +377 93 50 13 39
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://auction.gadoury.com


LOT 173 Septimius Severus 193-211 pour Julia Domna, Caracalla et Geta 
Starting Price: €80,000
GADOURY Coin Auction 2020Aureus, Rome, 201, AU 7,14 g.
Obverse: IVLIA AVGVSTA Draped right bust
Reverse : AETERNIT IMPERI Busts facing each other of Caracalla on the left, draped and laureate and of Géta on the right, draped, head bare

LOT 378 Elizabeth II 1952- $10,000 Dollars Kangaroo 
Starting Price: €40,000
GADOURY Coin Auction 2020Gold 1000 g. 999‰ Ref : Fr. B27, KM# 152
PCGS PR66 DEEP CAMEO. ONly 91 examples. Very Rare

LOT 458 Egypt  Fuad I 1917-1936
Starting Price: €7,000500 Piastres AH 1351 / 1932, AU 42.41 g.
Ref : Fr. 31, KM#355

LOT 465 Fernando II et Isabella (Reyes Católicos) 1474-1504 
Starting Price: €15,000
Escudo, Toledo, NF, AU 2.89 g.
PCGS MS-62 Extremely rare. The only graded example.

LOT 650 Philippe de la Tour d’Auvergne DUCHY OF BOUILLON 1754-1816 
Starting Price: €10,000
Gold proof 100 francs 1815, Brussels or London, Sep 18, 1816, AU 27.25g.
Obverse: PHILIPPE D’AUVERGNE – Bust in uniform on the left of Philippe d’Auvergne, below signature CH. WERDUN. F.
Reverse: CENT / FRANCS / 1815 in three lines in the field in a laurel wreath.
NGC MS63. Burnished flan appearance. Extremely rare

LOT 718  Monnaie de Paris PIEFORTS 1972 
Starting Price: €10,000Fifth Republic 1959 to the present day
Box “Monnaie de Paris PIEFORTS 1972” including 8 pieforts in 920 ‰ gold, under shell in PROOF quality, Burnished flan
10 Francs Hercule, AU 84.1 g., 200 ex – PCGS SP69
5 francs Semeuse, AU 38.90 g., 300 ex. – NGC PF67
1 franc Semeuse, AU 24.33 g., 300 ex. – NGC PF68
1/2 franc Semeuse, 18.50 g., 300 ex. – NGC PF68
20 Lagriffoul centimes, 17.17 g., 300 ex. – NGC PF67
10 Lagriffoul centimes, 12.75 g., 300 ex. – NGC PF67
5 Lagriffoul centimes, AU 8.67 g., 300 ex. – NGC PF68
1 centime Epi, AU 7.35 g., 300 ex. – NGC PF68

LOT 1247 Venezia, Governo provvisorio 1848-1849
Starting Price: €7,000

Venezia, Governo provvisorio 1848-1849
20 Lire, 1848, AU 6.45 g.
Ref: Pag. 76, Fr. 1518
PCGS MS64 PROOF LIKE. Exceptional

LOT 1477 Vittorio Emanuele III 1900-1943 Roma, 1912 R 
Starting Price: €15,000
Vittorio Emanuele III 1900-1943 Roma, 1912 R
Rarissimo Cofanetto del 1912 “Agricoltura”, forse per ESPOSIZIONE INTERNAZIONALE AGRICOLA INDUSTRIALE
100, 50, 20, 10 Lire,
Gold 32.25 g., 16.13 g., 6.45 g., 3.22 g.

Certified:  PCGS MS64, MS64, MS64, MS64. Exceptional condition. Unique?

LOT 1488 Vittorio Emanuele III 1900-1943 
Starting Price: €60,00020 Read Aquila Sabauda, ​​Roma, 1902, “Ancoretta”, Gold 6.45 g.
115 example minted. Extremely rare. The finest known coin.

LOT 1528 MAURITIUS (Mauritius) Napoleon I, Emperor, 1804-1814 
Starting Price: €5,000GADOURY Coin Auction 2020
Piastre Decaen, 10 Livres, Port-Louis, 1810, Silver 26.7 g.
NGC MS62. Superb copy with a magnificent patina, the eagle’s feathers often do not appear on the chest or on the top of the wings.

LOT 1618 Nicolas II 1894-1917 37.5 Roubles 
Starting Price: €50,000GADOURY Coin Auction 2020100 Francs 1902, St. Petersburg, Gold 32.25 g. Inscription sur la tranche : ЧИСТАГО ЗОЛОТА 6 ЗОЛОТНИКОВЪ 77,4 ДОЛИ ★

Obverse: Bare head of Nicolas II on the left
Reverse: Crowned imperial eagle, wearing the Moscow crest and the collar of the Order of Saint Andrew on the chest. Eight small badges on the wings. Slice inscribed in hollow.
PCGS MS62 PROOFLIKE – Only 225 minted. Extremely rare. The finest known. 225 copies were minted, 200 of which were given to the emperor so that he could give them as a gift. The remaining 25 copies were handed over to Grand Duke George Mikhailovich.

LOT 1657 Czechoslovakia Republic, 1918-1939 
Starting Price: €10,000GADOURY Coin Auction 2020

Czechoslovakia Republic, 1918-1939 10 Ducats, 1929, AU 34.9 g. 986 ‰
PCGS MS66 Mintage of only 1564. This is the finest graded example, extremely rare in this condition.

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