By  David J. Camire for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation

In 1987 China struck Gold 5 Yuan Pandas with three mintmarks: P, Y and S. NGC has recently graded a second example of a Proof Yuan Panda with a missing mintmark….

NGCpandanopNumismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) recently graded a second example of a 1987 China Gold 5 Yuan Panda coin struck without the “P” mintmark. The “P” mintmark indicated that the coin was struck in Proof format, while the Y and S mintmarks were used for Mint State pieces struck at the Shenyang and Shanghai mints, respectively.

NGC graders compared the missing mintmark piece to the P, Y, and S-mintmarked 5 Yuan Pandas from that year and determined that its strike and surface quality are identical to the Proof “P” version and distinct from the Mint State “Y” and “S” coins. This variety has been designated “Missing Mintmark” on the NGC certification label.

The total planned mintage for 1987-P Proof Gold 5 Yuan Panda coins was 10,000 coins. It is not known how many coins were struck without the “P” mintmark.


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