A rare curved clip mint error is found on a 2015 American Silver Eagle bullion coin.

NGC graders identified a curved clip at 11 o’clock (obverse facing) on a 2015 American Silver Eagle bullion coin. It was discovered in a submission of a US Mint-sealed green “monster box” that contained 500 of these newly issued coins.


Obverse and Reverse with clip
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While a curved clip of this size is not normally very interesting or valuable, this one is special because it was found on a silver eagle. “Although the clip is small, it is very rare,” said David J. Camire, NGC Mint Error specialist. “Fewer than six examples are known for all years of silver eagles from 1986 to present.”

The coin is missing detail along the rim on the obverse between the “B” and “E” of LIBERTY. There is also a corresponding weak area directly opposite at the bottom of the obverse along the rim to the right of the “5” in the date, a result of the clipped planchet being upset (“upset” is when it gets its raised rims) . This is one of the diagnostics of a clip, used to determine that it is an authentic mint error and not post-mint damage or an alteration.


Obverse with clip (left) and corresponding area of weakness opposite the clip (right).
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The reverse of the coin lacks details along the rim under the “SIL” of SILVER and additional weakness can be found along the rim above “OF.”


Reverse with clip (left) and corresponding area of weakness opposite the clip (right).
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NGC attributes major mint errors for an additional fee of $15. To submit a mint error for attribution by NGC, select an applicable NGC grading tier along with “Mint Error” under Services on the coin line.



  1. I think I may have just found a Variety Coin in American Silver Eagles. The roll I just opened to sell singles from I noticed what looked like a scratch. After further inspection
    1. I found it to be a die crack running from eagles tail feather to the O in One Dollar
    2. I found another die crack from eagles beak to and through ribbon on shoulder (SPITTING EAGLE )
    3. Obverse sun ray broken under L in Liberty.
    So I searched the roll and found 13 more exactly like it , The other 7 only have the broken ray. How can I get these attributed as a Variety ? Is there a way to add pictures here as proof , Please Help


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