Paper Money Guaranty® (PMG®) recently graded and encapsulated a rare 1934C $10 Narrow Star Replacement note from Kansas City. This small-size type of note is highly sought after by US currency collectors and seldom becomes available for those seeking it. Narrow face plates were introduced only on face plate numbers 86 – 89 and many collectors find them more desirable than the wide variety. This note is face plate #89 as indicated next to the letter H on the lower right side corner of the note. The signatures on the note belong to W.A. Julian and John W. Snyder. PMG graded the note 30 NET.

The note was purchased by Scotsman Coin and Currency as part of a cash hoard that was brought into the shop. As part of a large group of currency, no one realized the star note existed until it was discovered by a Scotsman employee. There is no additional information available regarding the background of the note due to the way it was found.


“PMG is proud to have had the opportunity to grade and encapsulate such a note,” said Chad Hawk, PMG grader. “The excitement surrounding a Narrow Star note from this series was palpable in the grading room and we are pleased to share this experience with collectors world-wide,” he continued.

The note is to be sold in the October 18, 2013 Silver Dollar Sale courtesy of Scotsman Coin & Currency.

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