Professional Coin Grading Service, the world’s leading, independent third-party coin authentication and grading company, has announced a new Crossover Policy.

Effective February 25, 2014, PCGS Collectors Club Members and PCGS Authorized Dealers can submit crossover coins, previously graded 70 by another grading service, to PCGS and specify MS70 or PR70 as the minimum grade.

2008-W_pcgs_ms70_asePreviously, PCGS would only allow crossovers to have a minimum grade of MS69 or PR69.

“It is great news for collectors who have longed for the highest grade by the most respected grading service in the world. They no longer run the risk of crossing their ’70’ coins at a lower grade with the PCGS Crossover Service,” said Don Willis, PCGS President.

“It is an important move for PCGS, too. We made this policy change because many collectors and dealers have told us they want peace of mind by having the best grade from the world’s best grading company,” explained Willis.

For a coin previously graded and currently encapsulated by any other grading service, PCGS will holder the coin only if it meets or exceeds the minimum grade that is specified by the submitter, or meets the grade on the original holder. If your minimum grade is MS70 or PR70 and the coin does not meet PCGS’ strict standards the coin will be returned to you in its original holder.

For more information about the PCGS Crossover Policy, visit or call PCGS Customer Service at (800) 447-8848.




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