ANA American Numismatic Association Last Chance Summer Seminar

ANA Summer Seminar - June 16-28, 2018

Classes for the 2018 Summer Seminar are just two weeks away! Register now to claim your spot — it’s your last chance!


Summer Seminar is held June 16-28 in Colorado Springs on the campus of Colorado College (adjacent to the ANA). A wide variety of seminars are being offered in two sessions.

ANA Summer Seminar - June 16-28, 2018

This year’s Summer Seminar offers nearly two dozen technical courses, specialized interests series and mini-seminars, including:

Detecting Counterfeit World Paper Money

Students examine actual specimens using microscopes and the naked eye to distinguish good notes from bad. Topics include the history of counterfeiting, printing techniques, security devices and their illegal replication, raised and altered notes, and entrepreneurial counterfeiting since the 19th century. Students have the opportunity to handle hundreds of examples of counterfeit notes, while matching genuine examples side by side. Special attention is devoted to counterfeit notes that are created specifically to sell to collectors.

Instructor: Joseph E. Boling

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Digital Numismatic Photography for Collectors

This course is designed for intermediate photographers who want to manage their digital coin collection, develop coin shop online sales, do research or become skilled at diagnostic inspection. Learn how to organize a collection for selling, theft recovery, glamor images for publication or just to have bragging rights on the internet. The course will teach students to learn the proper image capture and handling methods following proven techniques for workflow speed and efficiency. To optimize the learning experience, students are strongly encouraged to bring the following: a DSLR camera with a macro lens, a laptop with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, and several numismatic items to photograph.

Instructors: Robert Kelley and Douglas Mudd

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ANA Summer Seminar - June 16-28, 2018

Mini-seminars are introductory, hands-on courses conducted in one- or two-evening sessions. They allow Summer Seminar participants to study more than one area of interest or survey something new.

Session 1 Mini-Seminar – Conder Tokens: A Study of the History, Care, Grading and Tokens of Late 18th-Century Britain

An overview of this amazing series includes hundreds of pictures, explanations and stories that have fascinated collectors of these 18th-century provincial tokens of Great Britain. Review the history of late 18th-century England under the rule of Mad King George and his demented prime minister, the dastardly William Pitt, the Younger. Students will gain hands-on experience and learn about care, treatment and grading.

  • Instructor: Jerry Bobbe
  • Date & Time: Sunday and Monday, June 17-18, 6:30-9:30 PM
  • Cost: $79

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Session 2 Mini-Seminar: Some Interesting Mexican Coins (1536-1822)

Explore key coinage of Mexico starting with the Charles and Johanna series (1536-1571), cob coins (1571-1732), Pillar dollars (1732-1771), Portrait dollars (1772-1822), and the most significant coins of Mexican Independence. Bring your coins for discussion.

  • Instructor: Ricardo de León Tallavas
  • Date & Time: Sunday and Monday, June 24-25, 6:30-9:30 PM
  • Cost: $79

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