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Even More Hilariously Bad YouTube Coin Videos


Wait, don’t be alarmed…

Ok, be very alarmed – Hubert Walker and Charles Morgan have plumbed the depths of YouTube to come up with even more Hilariously Bad™ YouTube Coin Videos.

Numismatic Man by Tawny Press

Our first pick above is from Todd Griffiths’ Century Coin Group and stars Numismatic Man. Not a terribly original-sounding name, but if no one else has plucked the low-hanging fruit, why not? From the template animation to the animatronic voice, this direct-to-YouTube advertisement doesn’t exactly exert itself.

What makes it a camp classic is Numismatic Man’s assertion that he’s on the side of “truth and justice” and that his mission is to “expose those high commission sales and marketing companies, who prey on the inexperienced rare coin investor.”

His blue uniform is a symbol of his “‘True Blue Commitment’ to change the rare coin industry.” His emblem of choice is the telephone because, as he proclaims, “he is always a phone call away.” But then what happens? When a customer actually calls during his spiel he lets it go to voicemail.

Hi-LAR-ious… -ly bad.

And that’s just one minute into this four-minute-long epic fail of a rough draft of a commercial. A must-watch.


Coin Value Song- Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters! by Mr. R.’s Songs for Teaching


Warning: You won’t be able to unhear this sing-along educational song about the value of today’s circulating coins. What should be a sad reminder to numismatists is that Mr. R. stops his kiddy-diddy at the 25-cent coin. There’s no mention at all of our nation’s half dollar or golden dollar issues. Color us not suprised.


1999 PR70 ANACS Secret Proof Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin by HSN


Oh, late-night cable TV coin shows. Where much like Halloween, the boundary between the worlds of stretching the truth and telling outright lies is thin or nonexistant.

Where much like the movie Groundhog’s Day, the same rare coins are offered week after week after week to whomever is gullible enough and awake enough at 3:00 a.m. to actually call in and order something.

None of this is new to you.

But when the HSN Vault: Coin Collector hosts introduce the 1999 Susan B. Anthony dollar coin as a “Secret Proof” coin we just can’t help but scratch our heads. Yes, it’s true that the 1999 Suzie B. was not included in that year’s mint and proof sets, but the Mint made no secret of the coin’s existence–as evidenced by the fact that approximately 750,000 single units were sold. Today, it’s the kind of coin that most modern coin collectors have an example or two of in their bins. Certainly, it’s the kind of coin that your local coin shop, no matter how small, likely has a handful of.

So you’ll pardon the eye roll when we hear the hosts claim that the 1999 Susan B. Anthony proof is the “single most difficult [regular] issue proof or mint state coin to get in the past 50 or 75 years, I think, beyond a shadow of a doubt.” We put brackets around the word “regular” because it’s clear to us that the producers at HSN sliced out some verbiage here before uploading the clip to YouTube.

Whatever the reason for the edit, they should have chopped this whopper as well:

For some reason in 1999, they made the Susan B. Anthony dollar again one last time. They did not put it in the proof set. So if you get a 1999 proof set, this coin is not in it. If you get a 1999 Mint Set, the Philadelphia and Denver Mint coins are not in it. They were only released in little itty-bitty, teeny-tiny plastic U.S. government issue sets that are today by far… BY FAR… the most difficult to get modern issue government packaged coins period!

In the next clip, we presume, they’ll have a bridge to sell you as well.


Coin by Exit73Studios


It’s not quite fair to include this one, because it’s not a Hilariously Bad™ YouTube video but is instead a hilariously AWESOME one…

What happens when a group of ruffians try to steal Donovan Murdock’s coin? Let’s just say he’ll stop at nothing to get it back! Reminds us of how we felt that time the post office lost that box of coins we sent to NGC.

As an aside, the laser-shooting eagles in this video could probably make it through CCAC and become our nation’s next American Silver Eagle reverse design. Can we count on your vote?

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