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The following medals caught my eye this week in Joe Levine’s Presidential Coin & Antique Company fixed price list #91. For copies of Joe’s price list, email him at JLEVINE968 [at] aol [dot] com. -Wayne Homren, Editor

McKenzie’s Three Punters Medallion

SPECTACULAR GALVANO OF McKENZIE’S THREE PUNTERS MEDALLION, 1932-3. Kozar 97. 18” Cast Bronze. Robert Tait McKenzie, Sc.

Three nude athletes are shown in various stages of punting a football, At left center is McKenzie’s RTM monogram and below, FECIT/ 1932-3. At 6:00 a football lies on the ground between the feet of the two punters on the right. Incused in tiny letters on the rim below is “R. TAIT MCKENZIE 33”

The Three Punters relief was originally made 46” in diameter and was installed at the University of Pennsylvania, where it remains today, Almost immediately, Medallic Art Company reduced the image and produced a 76mm die from which it has struck both uniface medals and medals combined with his Joy of Effort die.

Robert Tait McKenzie is widely acknowledged as the foremost sculptor of athletes in the 20th century. The appearance of a large size relief such as this is an event worthy of note to even the most advanced collector. It may even be of equal interest to a benefactor who would like to gift his alma mater with a magnificent piece of art that would grace a school gymnasium for all to enjoy. $4900.00

Interesting composition. What an impressive work! Joe reported this morning that this one has already sold. -Wayne

1912 International Numismatic Congress Medal

ERNEST BABELON – INTERNATIONAL NUMISMATIC CONGRESS MEDAL, 1912. Baxter 259; Willenz 112; Maier 52. 63mm. Bronze. Godefroid Devreese (Obv.), Rudolph Bosselt (Rev.), Sc. Uncalculated, a few minor spots.

medals1Obverse: Bust of Babelon left, ERNEST BABELON DE L’INSTITUT around. Reverse: Head of Athena to left wearing a helmet with a large ornate crest. Her right hand grasps a spear near her head. A portion of the Panathenaic festival procession is shown on the upper edge of the circular shield which covers her shoulder. Legend: CONGRESS INTERN. DE NUM. ERT D’ART DE LA MED. BRUXELLES, 1910.

At the International Numismatic Congress in 1910 it was decided that a medal should be issued in honor of Babelon who had acted as President of the Congress. It was struck in 1912 under the joint auspices of the Societe Hollandaise-Belge des Amis de la Medaille d’Art and the American Numismatic Society. According to Miller the usually quoted mintage figures of 100 medals in silver and 200 in bronze relates only to the medals that were struck for the ANS. If one adds in the medals struck for the Societe Hollandaise-Belge, the totals are 156 in silver and 505 in bronze. $160.00

Unusual reverse; I like the composition. -Wayne

Polo Pony Medal

medal4HORSE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA POLO PONY MEDAL, 1928. 75.9mm. Bronze. Laura Gardin Fraser, Sc. Edge marked “Medallic Art Co. N.Y.” About Uncirculated.

The obverse portrays a polo player riding his pony in full stride to the right. The reverse bears the legend: HORSE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA MEDAL. FOR THE BEST PLAYING POLO PONY ON EACH CLUB/ AWARDED TO. A wreath encloses the central engraved inscription: SNAPPER/ OWNER/ ROBERT W.POMEROY, JR./ CLVB/ GREENWICH POLO CLVB/ SEASON/ 1928

Mrs. Fraser’s interest in animals–particularly horses–is evident in this spirited medal, which was first struck in 1923. $295.00

Saint Louis World’s Fair “Silver” Medal


SAINT LOUIS WORLD’S FAIR “SILVER” MEDAL, 1904. Hendershot 30-50; Baxter 108; Krueger 14; Eglit LPE-6. 67x67mm. Bronze. Adolph A. Weinman, Sc.. (U.S. Mint). Nice About Uncirculated.

Obverse with a central medallion of Liberty cloaking herself and a young female figure next to her in the American flag.

Baxter finds in this an important precedent for Weinman’s “Walking Liberty” half dollar coin. The field on the reverse is filled by an American eagle with outstretched wings framing a cartouche for the inscription SILVER MEDAL/ LOVISIANA PVRCHASE/ EXPOSITION with a pair of opposed dolphins flanking a scallop shell below. $165.00

Swiss-French Lincoln Medallion

swiss-lincolnMAGNIFICENT SWISS-FRENCH LINCOLN MEDALLION, 1865. King 245. 82.5mm. Bronze. Franky Magniadas, Sc Choice Uncirculated with reflective surfaces.

Obverse legend in French surrounds a bust left of Lincoln. Reverse with tomb and an angel with a wreath to the left. A black man and his son, representing the emancipated race, is to the right. A displayed eagle perched on a ribbon inscribed, E. PLURIBUS UNUM is above.

This is clearly one of the most outstanding of the early Lincoln medals. The funds for it were raised from 40,000 French citizens. Louis Napoleon would not allow it to be struck in his Empire nor would he allow the publication of any appeal to the French people, and of the subscription list. Consequently it was struck in Switzerland. An example in gold was presented to Mrs. Lincoln. An absolute “must” for collectors of Lincoln medals! $1250.00

And no, I’m not getting a kickback from Joe for publishing these. I just like this stuff. All E-Sylum readers, dealers included, are welcome and encouraged to send me price lists and links to interesting numismatic material. If it doesn’t show up in my inbox, I may never see it. Medals, tokens, paper money, coins, you name it – all are fair game. If it catches my eye (and I have time), I’ll work it into an upcoming issue. -Wayne


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  1. How unusual is that polo medal? what does the price $274 mean,? it it th estimated value or an auction estimate , or was it sold in Jan. 2015 for that price?
    Will you have more of them? Can you help me find one?
    Have you seen any sterling silver ones?
    I am also seeking
    American Horse Shows Associafion sterling silver Pegasus medals made by Metallic art Co NY
    Later ones do not say sterling but are silver plate over bronze with the company name maybe changed to
    Medallic Art Co and moved to CT.
    Other medals with good horse artwork on them also of interest if you have any photos in your archives..and please say if you deal primarily in US medals and coins?
    Thank you for any advice
    Sincerely, Kris MatlackDVM m.


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