Excerpts from the E-Sylum: Nummis Nova Numismatic Diary, November 16, 2014

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This week, Wayne provides a few snippets from other members of Nummis Nova, a Northern Virginia numismatic group of which he is a part…

Due to the Veteran’s day holiday I ended up staying home with my family Tuesday rather than going to the usual monthly dinner of Nummis Nova, my Northern Virginia numismatic social group. But here’s a short off-topic note from me followed by reports from some of the Nummis Nova regulars who did attend this month’s gathering.


cake2An Anglo-American Cake

In lieu of my own diary entry this week, I just wanted to share images of a great cake consumed at a gathering of my coworkers last Friday. Our lead developer is a Brit, and after four years his contract is up and he’s returning to London. We’ll miss him! The wife of one of our team members baked a Union Jack cake for his going-away party. But the real surprise was inside – check out the cross-section! Sorry for the low-resolution images – these were cropped from a video.


Eric’s Overview 

Eric Schena writes:

About 12 of us were at the dinner and since the theme was military service and numismatics, I brought a selection of World War I local service medals from the area, including ones issued by the State of Delaware (named), City of Norfolk (named), City of Harrisonburg/Rockingham County, City of Roanoke, City of Winchester/Frederick County, Washington DC (named to an officer in QMRC), and a Mexican Border Service Medal to a member of the 5th Maryland Infantry (National Guard).

Mike Packard brought an enormous photo book of World War I personalities that was fascinating to flip through, and Aaron Packard had a great selection of mostly Civil War store cards to show. Lenny Goldberg brought a few military “good fors” and Dave as always had some outstanding medals he picked up at Baltimore to pass around (including one Julian Leidman teased everyone as being a bowling piece).

Julian, Wayne Herndon, Gene Brandenberg, Steve Nishop, Chris Neusil, and Jon Radel all joined in the fun as always – had some really interesting discussions about all aspects of numismatics. To me, these dinners typify the best of our chosen field – camaraderie, great stories, and an amazing talent pool. It is always a highlight of my numismatic calendar.


Query: Two Unusual 1876 Centennial Items

prizemedalDave Schenkman writes:

At the dinner Tuesday I passed around two unusual 1876 Centennial items I purchased at the recent Baltimore show. The “Prize Medal” is counterstamped on an 1855 French 5 centimes. The other one was struck with incuse lettering on a 21.5mm nickel planchet. I mentioned them to Ron Abler, who recently published an online catalog of Centennial medals, but neither rang a bell with him. I haven’t attempted to research them yet, but do recall that a couple of tokens from the Rock Island (Illinois) Arsenal with crossed cannons and bomb design are pictured in Paul Cunningham’s catalog of military tokens. 

Is anyone familiar with these items? -Wayne


Trials and Triumphs of Labor

Eric Schena also writes:

I didn’t bring it because I knew Wayne Homren would not be there, but I recently purchased a copy of the Trials and Triumph of Labor book by Labor Exchange movement founder G. B. De Bernardi . It has a photo of De Bernardi himself. Wayne introduced me to Labor Exchange currency at one of our meetings, and I’ve become an active collector.




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