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Exclusively English – Largest Collection of Provincial Banknotes to Come on to the Market

Spink, the world’s premier auction house for collectables is to offer the most extensive collection of Provincial banknotes to have ever come on to the market. This fabulous collection was amassed by one private collector, David Kirch and all proceeds will go to The David Kirch Charitable Trust. It will be offered in a series of auctions at Spink, London, the first of which will take place in early October, 2012.

The David Kirch Collection of English Provincial Banknotes offers something for everyone, as a diverse range of counties are represented from all across England. The banknotes offer a fascinating insight into the history of banking and how currency has developed throughout the UK.

Petersfield & Hampshire Bank (Hector, Bencraft & Hector), £1, 16 July 1823

Estimate £700-900

Barnaby Faull, Head of Spink’s Banknotes department, said: “This is without doubt the most extensive selection of iconic and historical notes of this series ever assembled, with over 3,500 notes from towns throughout England. From Penzance in the West, to Berwick in the North – it is a landmark collection, with the opportunity to purchase a real part of your local history wherever you may be situated in the UK.”

Indeed, the notes, which date from the second half of the 18th century, right up to the 1920s, sport local bank information and unique designs and vignettes that capture the essence of the times in which they were produced. Some are even art works in their own right, with creative pictorials of the countryside, or buildings of significance in the town or region in which they were produced.

Shaftesbury Bank (W. B. Brodie & Thos. King), £10, 1 February 1847

Estimate £800-1,200

The collection is so extensive that it will be offered in a series of four auctions, county by county. The first will concentrate on the South and South West of England and will feature many extremely rare examples, some of which have not been seen since they were used as currency many years ago. Individual Banknotes range from between £100 – 3,000.

For further press information, please contact: Sandie Maylor, Email: [email protected] or Telephone: 020 7563 4009. All images copyright of Spink.

About Spink

Spink is the world’s leading auctioneer of stamps, coins, banknotes, medals, bonds & shares, autographs   books, wine.  Since its foundation in 1666, the Spink name has become synonymous with tradition, experience and integrity. Holder of royal warrants and numerous records for prices achieved at auction, Spink offers an unparalleled range of services to collectors worldwide.  Spink is headquartered in London and holds over 70 auctions a year around the globe.  All catalogues are available on our website and through our Spink App for iPhone and iPad, and all auctions are broadcast live on our SpinkLive system.


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