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Expand Your Numismatic Knowledge: Apply for ANA Summer Seminar Scholarships

ANA 2019 Young Numismatist (YN) Literary Awards

Available for Young Collectors and Adult Hobbyists

Full and partial scholarships are available to both youths and adults who wish to attend the American Numismatic Association’s (ANA) highly acclaimed 2020 Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Dates for the two one-week sessions are June 27-July 2 and July 4-9.

Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of merit. Successful applicants need to demonstrate involvement, leadership, and accomplishments in numismatics, as well as a desire to learn more about the hobby. In addition to learning from the hobby’s most prominent leaders and scholars, full scholarships cover tuition for a one-week-long class, accommodations in a Colorado College dormitory, meals, and airfare; partial scholarships cover tuition only.

Download the application forms here. Applications must be postmarked by February 14, 2020.

Summer Seminar is a once-a-year opportunity for numismatic learning and camaraderie that offers students an array of week-long courses designed for discovery or continued study. For over 40 years, Summer Seminar has featured classes to suit virtually every collector’s hobby needs, including “Detecting Counterfeit and Altered Coins,” “Grading United States Coins,” “Early American Copper Coinage,” “Digital Numismatic Photography,” “Morgan Silver Dollars,” “Coins of Colonial America,” and many more.

Scholarships are made possible through funding programs such as the Robert Lecce Advanced Scholarship, the Eric P. Newman Young Numismatist Scholarship Program, the Summer Seminar Young Numismatist Scholarship and the Charles O. Browne Advanced Grading Scholarship, which are funded by generous donations from members and member organizations.

For additional information, please contact the seminars department at (719) 482-9810 or [email protected].

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The American Numismatic Association (ANA) is a congressionally chartered, nonprofit educational organization dedicated to encouraging the study and collection of coins and related items. The ANA helps its 25,000 members and the public discover and explore the world of money through its vast array of instructional and outreach programs, as well as its museum, library, publications and conventions. For more information, call (719) 632-2646 or visit www.money.org.

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