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Exploring the World of Money – a Collaboration between MoneyMuseum and CoinsWeekly

As of 1 March 2014, MoneyMuseum presents podcasts revolving around numismatic topics to all those interested on iTunes U. In order to make this offer known to a greater number of coin collectors as well, MoneyMuseum has announced its collaboration with CoinsWeekly. 

On March 1, 2014, the MoneyMuseum launched a new online program that provides podcasts and other documents related to money in all its facets on the internationally renowned platform ‘iTunes U’ to all interested parties. The range covers numismatic journeys as well as a test on one’s own relationship to coins and bank notes. Profound knowledge about the world of money is conveyed, yet in an entertaining and enjoyable way.

Heidi Lehner, Manager of the Sunflower Foundation as provider of the MoneyMuseum, emphasizes: “We deem it important to challenge prejudices with our contributions and to start to think about alternatives.”

Exploring the World of Money

The section ‘Exploring the World of Money’ is very likely to be the most fascinating to the coin aficionado. Here, a new coin, a new bank note, a new numismatic object is introduced every two weeks. A five-minute podcast sheds light on the historical-cultural backdrop and explains both images and meaning. From the very first coin to the dollar note, from pre-monetary money to Bitcoin, from piggy-banks to documents and works of art – everything suitable to illustrate the world of money can be found here. And the stories from the past telling of inflation and insolvency, about investors and yield, about ruthless power seekers, desperate politicians being at a loss, but also about prudent monetary economy, gain in meaning and importance against the background of recent events.

Platform iTunes U

moneymuseumTo reach as broad a public as possible, Dr Jürg Conzett, Founder of the MoneyMuseum, has decided to offer his podcasts to be downloaded for free on iTunes U. This platform that was established in 2007 has found many supports, particularly amongst pupils and students for there are much up-to-date, scientifically edited information available there, on almost every subject. By now, more than 300 million downloads are offered every year.

The MoneyMuseum is amongst the roughly 1,000 registered institutions that compete for the learner’s attention. Nevertheless, Dr Jürg Conzett reckons that his offer will have a good chance: “We are the first to use iTunes U for a concrete analysis of money, monetary history and psychology of money. Anyone who wants to get information on money’s past, present and future virtually has no alternative to our offer. Plus, we provide all of our podcasts in German-English. Hence, we are able to reach both the German-speaking area, which is somewhat undersupplied with iTunes U, and the international audience.”


To accommodate those who do not (want to) have an iTunes account, MoneyMuseum now collaborates with CoinsWeekly. The free journal that is updated on a weekly basis now provides its readers with the opportunity to view all movies of the MoneyMuseum on the internet, by accessing them at its site quite easily. After just one click, the movie already starts.

How to Get MoneyMuseum Podcasts

To download the MoneyMuseum podcasts from iTunes U, you may first download iTunes and search for podcasts by typing “MoneyMuseum” in the search box. For those who’d prefer not to set up an iTunes account, the MoneyMuseum podcasts are also available to download on our sunflower.ch channel

If you have any more questions or if you would like to ask for an interview, please contact Dr Jürg Conzett or Dr Ursula Kampmann. 

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