Extremely Rare Gold Coins of the Mughal Emperor to be Offered at Spink USA

Two rare gold coins of the Mughal emperor Jahangir are on offer at the Spink USA sale at the New York International Numismatic Convention (NYINC), at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on January 19. Lot 264 is a Mohur depicting an image of taurus the bull, struck at Agra mint (estimate $80,000-100,000). This is an extremely rare and desirable coin made at the Mughal capital. However, the Mohur featuring cancer the crab, offered at lot 265 is far rarer, as it was struck at Kashmir mint (estimate $300,000-400,000).

Kashmir was the resort of Emperors during the hot season and was a particular favorite of Jahangir and his most famous wife, Nur Jahan. Very few coins were made there, and this is the only gold zodiac issue know. Produced in the 20th year of his reign (1624), during a long sojourn, it is particularly interesting as its legend states it was struck ‘in the name of the empress Nur Jahan’.

For collectors of Mughal coins it is perhaps the only chance they will have of acquiring a Zodiac Mohur of this mint. Coming with a long provenance dating back to 1878 it is sure to be hotly contested.

Lot 264 – India. Mughal Empire. Nur al-Din Muhammad Jahangir (AH 1014-1037/1605-1627 AD). Zodiac Mohur. Agra, AH 1030, year 16. Taurus – the Bull (“Tora/Vrishabha”). Humped bull standing right, radiate solar disc around, outer lined and beaded border, rev. Persian legend with date and regnal year in four lines — zar zewar dar Agra ruye yaft az Jahangir Shah Akbar Shah (“received ornament of gold at Agra for Jahangir Shah [son of] Akbar Shah”). BMC 327, Fr.763, KM 180.5. NGC VF Details.

Lot 265 – India, Mughal Empire, Jahangir (1605-28), gold Zodiac Mohur, Cancer the Crab, 10.91g, Kashmir, AH1034, regnal year 20 (1624), crab framed by 47 sun rays, within a plain circular border with beads in outer margin, rev. Persian legend be hukam shah jahangir yaft sad zewar ba name nur jahan badshah begum zar zarb Kashmir, 20, 1034 (By order of Shah Jahangir a hundred ornaments gained Gold in the name of the empress Nur Jahan. Struck in Kashmir, (year) 20, 1034).

Some small test punches, very fine / about very fine, of the highest degree of rarity, no other gold Mohur of Kashmir recorded, category A, undisputed original strike


  • Chicago International Coin Fair Auction, 30th May 1980, lot 299
  • J. Schulman, Amsterdam, 15th-17th February 1966, lot 1635
  • Ex. Mr. Hatfield
  • Ex. collection of Dr da Cunha, sold Sotheby’s, London, 1889, lot 615
  • Ex collection of James Gibbs, member of Bombay branch of Royal Asiatic Society, JBBRAS December 1878 (no.XXXVI, Vol.XIV, pp.155-159)

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