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Final Coin in British Virgin Islands Ship Series Features HMS Formidable

Final Coin in British Virgin Islands Ship Series Features HMS Formidable

  • Sixth coin in a New 2022 dated six-coin series featuring popular ships
  • Available as a shaped $1 coin produced in Virenium
  • Very low issue limit of 1,950
  • Collector’s album to store the set also available
  • Special Pop-in Presentation pack to hold each coin now available

The Pobjoy Mint is thrilled to announce the sixth and final coin in our new series featuring ships connected to the British Virgin Islands.

The sixth coin in the collection features Royal Navy ship HMS Formidable, a 98-gun man-of-war under the command of the British Royal Navy. The design on the coin shows a side image of the sailing ship.

Formidable was launched on August 20, 1777, at Chatham and it’s mostly known for her participation in the Battle of the Saintes, an important naval battle in the Caribbean between the British and the French during the American Revolutionary War.

In 1782, Formidable served as Admiral George Brydges Rodney’s flagship at the Battle of the Saintes and was accompanied by three 98-gun ships: HMS Barfleur, HMS Prince George, and HMS Duke, plus the 90-gun HMS Namur. Her most important action was the breaking of the French line in the middle of the battle, and the final pursuit of the Ville de Paris.

In total, she fired 80 broadsides during the battle, totaling 35 tons of shot. Her losses were relatively light given both the ferocity of the battle and the huge French losses: 14 killed and 39 wounded. After the battle, she ended up in Port Royal, Jamaica, and it wasn’t until 1813 that she was broken up.

The coin is available in Virenium, a metal developed by Pobjoy Mint that is light gold in color.

This stunning coin will be presented in a Pobjoy Mint presentation pouch, with a special collector’s album to house all coins in this series. The obverse of the coin features an effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II produced exclusively by Pobjoy Mint.


The Virenium $1 British Virgin Islands coin is offered in a capsule only. A special album and a presentation pop-in pack are available separately to house the coins.

Coin Specifications

Metal: Virenium Alloy
Diameter: 28.40 mm
Weight: 8.00 g
Issue Limit: 1,950

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