First Coin in New Tall Ship Series Features the Golden Hind

First Coin in New Tall Ship Series Features the Golden Hind

  • FIRST coin in a New 2022 dated six-coin series featuring popular ships
  • Available as a shaped $1 coin produced in Virenium®
  • Very low issue limit of 1,950
  • Collector’s album to store the set is also available

After the incredible reaction to our 2020 and 2021 Tall Ships series, we are thrilled to announce the release of a brand new six-coin series featuring ships connected to the British Virgin Islands. The first coin in this series features the famous English galleon Golden Hind.


The Golden Hind was a galleon captained by Sir Francis Drake in his circumnavigation of the world from 1577 to 1580, becoming the first English ship to sail around the world. Originally named Pelican, Sir Francis Drake renamed her in honor of his patron, Sir Christopher Hatton. This was because Hatton’s crest was a golden hind (a female red deer).

Setting off in December 1577 at the request of HM Queen Elizabeth I, the voyage began with five ships and 164 men and reached the coast of Brazil in the spring of the following year. Having the Queen’s official support proved to be extremely beneficial, allowing Drake to cause maximum damage to the Spaniards; as a result, this culminated in the Anglo-Spanish War.

Between 1577 and 1580, Drake sailed around the world on his epic voyage, bringing back a ship full of gold, silver, jewels, and other treasures. Known as ‘El Draco’ or ‘The Dragon’ by the Spanish, he was feared and reviled by them.

Golden Hind could carry heavy loads, with a weight of up to 100tonnes, which proved to be highly advantageous on its journeys. This became useful in September 1579 when the Golden Hind challenged and captured the Spanish galleon Nuestra Señora de la Concepción. This galleon resulted in the largest treasure captured to date: over 360,000 Pesos.

After her journeys, the Golden Hind was maintained for public exhibition in Deptford, making this the earliest recorded example of a ship being preserved for public display due to its historical significance. The galleon remained there for nearly 100 years before she eventually rotted away.

Nowadays, the Golden Hind that can be seen in London is a replica of this historic ship.

The design of the coin features Golden Hind in all her glory sailing on open water and is available in Virenium, an alloy developed by Pobjoy Mint that is light gold in color. This stunning coin will be presented in a branded presentation pouch, with a special collector’s album available to house all coins in this series. The obverse of the coin features an effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II produced exclusively by Pobjoy Mint.


The Virenium $1 is presented in a capsule with a special album available separately to house all six coins.

Coin Specifications

Metal: Virenium
Diameter: 28.40 mm
Weight: 8.00 g
Issue Limit: 1,950

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