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First-Ever Bullion Coin From Sierra Leone Features the Lion

First-Ever Bullion Coin From Sierra Leone Features the Lion

  • Limited to 5,000 Fine 999 Silver Reverse Frosted
  • Fine 999 Gold Bullion Sold Out!

The Pobjoy Mint is delighted to announce the release of a new 2022 Silver Reverse Frosted Bullion Coin featuring the Lion, King of the African Savannah. The coin is the FIRST of its kind issued on behalf of the Bank of Sierra Leone.

The design on the coin features the head of a Lion styled as though it is an African mask with a special rim featuring an African pattern.

Featuring a Lion as the FIRST bullion coin from Sierra Leone seems particularly apt since the name Sierra Leone means ‘Lion Mountains’ or ‘Mountains of Lions’. Pedro de Sintra was among the first European explorers in this area and upon approaching the coast he heard lions roaring in the mountains and gave it the name ‘Serra Lyoa’ in Portuguese, which translates as ‘Sierra Leone’.

The Lion is the world’s second-largest cat; a male lion can be 3.3 meters in length (not including the tail) and weigh up to 25 kilos. Most safari sightings are of cats sleeping in the shade as lions are more active at night when they hunt for their prey. This powerful big cat has been the subject of many famous films – Born Free; The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Lion King.

Bullion coins are always a very attractive purchase due to their intrinsic metal value and with this design featuring a new enhanced reverse cameo finish, it is an even more attractive purchase. In order to maintain the exclusivity of this piece, no more than 5,000 of the 1oz Fine 999. Silver Reverse Frosted Bullion coins will be produced. In addition, only 50 of the 1oz Fine 999. Gold Bullion coins were produced but have already sold out!

The coin carries the coat of arms of Sierra Leone, which also features a frosted background on the Silver. A bullion privy mark “P” is also present, which is unique to Pobjoy Mint bullion coins.

Coin Specifications

Metal: .999 Silver, .999 Gold
Diameter: Silver: 38.60 mm; Gold: 32.70 mm
Weight: 31.103 g
Issue Limit: Silver: 5,000; Gold: 50

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