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Free Coinflation.com iPhone™ App Gives Instant Melt Values of Silver and Gold Collectibles and Jewelry

(Santa Ana, California) — Using any iPhone™, iPad™ or iPod™, you can now instantly find the intrinsic melt values of gold, silver and base metal U.S. coins, jewelry and scrap metal with the new, free Coinflation.com application available from the Apple iTunes™ App Store at itunes.com/apps/Coinflation.

“Since its launch in 2004, Coinflation.com has grown into one of the most visited websites on coins and precious metals.  Its melt value calculators have become the standard in the coin collecting and precious metals community for quickly determining the melt value for coins,” said Alec Nevalainen, Coinflation.com Founder.

“This new, free mobile app incorporates the most popular features of Coinflation.com, including the live 24-hour gold and silver prices that are updated every minute. The four calculators bundled into one app include U.S. silver coins, base metal coins, gold scrap, and silver scrap.”

In addition to use on any Apple iPhone, the Coinflation.com app can also be used on iPad and iPod products.

Using the new Coinflation app you can now instantly get:

  • Automatic gold and silver price updates every minute with no need to re-enter the price from an external source. This live metals price update is the same feed used by over 500 coin dealers who conduct business on Certified Coin Exchange (www.CertifiedCoinExchange.com), the leading coin dealer-to-dealer exchange network on the web.
  • Beautiful coin images provided by PCGSCoinFacts.com.
  • Gold Scrap calculator modeled after the most popular gold calculator on the web, GoldCalc.com. Units include grams, milligrams, pennyweight, grains, and troy ounces.
  • The new Silver Scrap calculator has three silver types, .999, .925 Sterling, and .900 silver. This allows users to weigh a bag of circulated silver coins and determine the actual melt value. In addition, non-traditional weights such as troy pounds, avoirdupois ounces, and avoirdupois pounds are included to help users clarify and understand online auction descriptions that may be confusing to potential buyers.

Collectors Universe, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLCT) acquired Coinflation.com in September 2011.  At the time, Collectors Universe President and Professional Coin Grading Service Co-Founder David Hall stated:  “Gold and silver coin information is becoming very important as U.S. citizens wake up to where the value of the U.S. dollar is heading.  Coinflation.com and the new Coinflation.com app are right in the sweet spot to answer, ‘What are my gold and silver coins worth?’  Now you can get the answer in your hand with mobile, anywhere, anytime access and real time valuation.”

The Coinflation.com app is the latest in a continuing series of free smart phone applications offered by Collectors Universe (www.Collectors.com) since January 2010 when PCGS Photograde Online™ became available on iPhones.

“PCGS is becoming the ultimate destination for coin and precious metals information. The new Coinflation mobile app joins the PCGS Photograde app and the PCGS CoinFacts and PCGS cert verification mobile web applications. Our plans are to continue to migrate all our data to mobile platforms,” said Don Willis, PCGS President.

Collectors Universe authenticates and grades collectible coins, trading cards, event tickets, autographs, memorabilia and stamps, and compiles and publishes authoritative information about United States and world coins, collectible trading cards, sports memorabilia and collectible stamps.  The company also operates Certified Coin Exchange, a dealer-to-dealer Internet bid-ask market for certified coins, and the Long Beach Coin, Stamp & Collectibles Expo.

For additional information about Collectors Universe services, go to www.Collectors.com.

Collectors Universe
Collectors Universe
Collectors Universe, Inc. is a leading provider of value added services to the high-value collectibles and diamond and colored gemstone markets. The Collectors Universe brands are among the strongest and best known in their respective markets. We authenticate and grade collectible coins, sports cards, autographs, stamps, currency, diamonds and colored gemstones. We also compile and publish authoritative information about United States and world coins, collectible sports cards and sports memorabilia, collectible stamps, diamonds and colored gemstones.

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