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FUN Summer 2011 Opening Ceremony

Tony Swicer, FUN President
Tony delivers the opening remarks at the FUN Summer Coin Convention in Orlando. The FUN Convention is one of the most successful coin shows in America. Hear why and see the volunteers who make it all possible.

FUN Summer 2011 Opening Ceremony

Summer FUN Show
Copyright © July, 2011

FUN11 Summer Orlando
July 7-9, 2011
Orlando, Florida

The Florida United Numismatists Summer Convention was held in Orlando, Florida, July 7-9, 2011. Dealers manned 192 bourse tables buying, selling and trading numismatic material including jewelry, treasure and other collectible items. Attendance was almost 3000 people in the three days the convention was held. The show is one of the most heavily advertised of any coin show in America with television commercials on all the major networks during prime time programming as well as cable television and talk and business radio. The major grading services ANACS, ICG, NGC and PCGS all had tables and were accepting coins for submission. Heritage conducted a rare coin auction. The Original Hobo Nickel Society had a table that included carving tools for making modern hobo nickels. Dennis Boggs was in attendance as Abraham Lincoln. Young numismatists attended the Boy Scout activities. Five numismatic seminars were delivered as part of the FUN educational program. The next FUN Convention will be held in Orlando in January 2012 and another Summer FUN has been scheduled for July of next year in Orlando.

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