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Gary Adkins Announces Upgraded, Improved and Enhanced Website

Even the most admired websites needs a fresh look and enhanced features from time to time, and www.coinbuys.com is no exception. “We are very excited and proud to announce our updated and improved website” said Gary Adkins, company President and CEO at Gary Adkins Associates, Inc. “Next year marks my 50th year in the rare coin and precious metals business” said Adkins. “We have had the same look and feel to our website for several years and felt it was time for a fresh change. With most of our customers very happy with our current site, we wanted to be sure we didn’t sacrifice quality or service when we did our re-design. We needed a seamless transition so our customers would feel very comfortable navigating the new site. When you are re-inventing the wheel, you want to make sure you are not missing a spoke”, said Adkins.

adkinsThe updated website, www.coinbuys.com , has improved search functions, better quality photos that can be dramatically enlarged for detail, and eventually will have enhanced educational tools for the company’s customers. The goal is to have one of the top sites in the business, to visit whether you are an advanced collector, investor, or a novice trying to determine the value of your coins, currency or precious metals. Very few sites offer customers the tools necessary to educate as well as create an enjoyable experience viewing some of the finest coins offered for sale and frequently updated. Gary Adkins Associates, Inc. is a member of the Professional Numismatists Guild and a life member of the American Numismatic Association. The company is also a featured Dealer on eBay and Collectors Corner (CCE).

There is an old saying in the coin business, “Quality, Service, Price… Pick Any Two”. Adkins responds “We say don’t settle for less than all three. Our goal is premium products and premier customer service with great value and we strive every day to make that commitment a reality for our customers.”

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