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Gold and Silver Radio Show On Air in New York and Worldwide

(New York, NY) — Veteran financial journalist Jim Kingsland now hosts a weekly program, Gold and Silver Radio, on the air in the metropolitan New York City area on WYNM AM 970 “The Apple” and worldwide online at www.am970TheApple.com.

The one-hour program, broadcast each Saturday at noon Eastern, focuses on precious metals, rare coins and economic conditions in the United States and globally that affect metals prices and the U.S. dollar. “Gold and Silver Radio is a program dedicated to exposing the crumbling fiat dollar and the rise of gold and silver as a place to protect wealth and grow wealth through bullion and coins. Even Lindsay Lohan realizes that the dollar is falling apart,” Kingsland stated.

In addition to interviewing coin and precious metals dealers, his on-air guests have included economists who explain in layman’s language financial systems and why many believe the U.S. dollar is in a vulnerable position.

A financial journalist since 1978, Kingsland has been a news anchor at the Fox Business Network, Bloomberg Radio, CNBC and the Financial News Network. He is the author of a personal finance book published by Random House, Coin and Precious Metal Values 2010: Trends, Deals and Predictions for the Smart Investor.

“We’ve entered a time where the new metrics are in people as much as they are in gold and silver. I want to introduce people to gold and silver gradually as an educational process because ultimately it is something valuable for them to know about,” said Kingsland who also frequently sends out financial commentaries on Twitter (www.Twitter.com).

For additional information and to listen to recent broadcasts, visit online at www.GoldandSilverRadio.com.

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