Grading Coins by Photographs

No subject is more important to the rare-coin collector or investor than grading. Learning to grade the right way can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Now, award-winning professional numismatist Q. David Bowers has written a unique set of step-by-step grading instructions for every U.S. coin, from half cents to double eagles.

He explains the evolution of grading standards, how to “read” a coin’s surfaces, expert techniques, smart buying tips, aspects of today’s marketplace, and more. This detailed, insightful text is combined with hundreds of high-resolution color photographs to help you grade your entire coin collection.

Here’s what the experts are saying about this revolutionary new book:

“Grading Coins by Photographs is magnificent! A must-read for today’s sophisticated collector. This will be the most important grading book in my numismatic library.”
—John Albanese, cofounder of PCGS, NGC, and CAC

Grading Coins by Photographs will be available before Thanksgiving 2008. It has 384 pages, is spiralbound for ease of use, and is illustrated in full color. It covers circulated, Mint State, and Proof coins. The retail price is $19.95.

Available from Whitman Publishing

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