Launches As Coin Collecting Experiences A Dramatic Upswing In Popularity

Founded by 2010’s “Numismatist of the Year” Rick Snow, Provides An Online Resource For The Ever-Expanding Coin Collecting Community To Buy And Sell Coins And Network.

(November 17, 2011) – As a hobby, coin collecting has been a popular option nearly as long as there have been coins. Collectors and coin dealers, more formally referred to as numismatists, enjoy finding, buying, selling and trading rare and old gold and silver coins. Advancements in technology have made indulging in this past time easier than ever. A great example of this is the site, set to debut at the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expo held in Baltimore, MD from Thursday, November 17 through Sunday, November 20th. was designed as a community gathering place for numismatists to buy and sell coins. The site is a user-friendly alternative to other auction sites and expensive fixed-price platforms. There is something of value at the website for everyone interested in coin collecting, whether sometime hobbyist looking for silver coins for sale or professional dealer researching gold coin prices. As site founder Rick Snow states, “I created Great Coins so coin collectors and dealers would have a single place to share common interests and the tools we find useful. We’re creating a new community of numismatic enthusiasts and a better marketplace.”

According to Donn Pearlman, spokesman for the Professional Numismatists Guild, as quoted in a recent Chicago Tribune article, “…coin collecting is an enjoyable way to learn about the history of the United States and the world.” Many coin collectors become involved in the activity because of its intrinsic value and the insight it offers into history, civilizations and governments. Numismatists view the art of coin collecting as more than just a simple hobby or way to earn some extra money. To them, it is an intellectual activity. The Chicago Tribune recently reported that the current largest growing population of active coin collectors is the elderly. The hobby helps them to keep their minds active while enjoying the camaraderie of the coin collecting community, such as the active online community found at


Founded in 2010 by Rick Snow, is an online community where active coin sellers, buyers, dealers and collectors congregate. The site will feature an interactive forum board for members to network as well as storefronts for purchasing or selling coins. Membership to is free while individual storefronts start at the low price of just $49.

About Founder Rick Snow:

Rick Snow began collecting coins in 1972 and has been an active participant in the numismatic coins community since then. In 1992 he concurrently established the company Eagle Eye Rare Coins in Tucson, AZ and published his first book, Flying Eagle and Indian Cents. Since then, Rick has operated several coin collecting businesses and built many of the finest collections of Indian cents in the world. Rick was named Numismatist of the Year in 2010 by the American Numismatic Association. He continues his love of coin collecting and entrepreneurial spirit with the launch of

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