Greater Houston Treasure Hunt to Be Held at 59th Houston Money Show


ANA Governor Dr. Ralph Ross (far right) attends the Houston Money Show with the student members of the Jack Yates High School Coin Club in 2013. Image courtesy of David Lisot.

By Jack Domurat, Greater Houston Coin Club….

Starting on Sunday, November 29 and running through 5pm on Saturday, December 5, the Greater Houston Treasure Hunt will be held in conjunction with the 59th Houston Money Show.

There will be 100 specially-engraved Jefferson nickels dropped into circulation all over the Houston metropolitan areas. “Dropped” meaning spent by an army of volunteers from the Greater Houston Coin Club. They will “drop” them while purchasing items from local merchants.

The locations where the nickels are spent will be made known, and the public will be advised by several media to be on the lookout for nickels engraved with numbers between 001 to 100. Upon finding one of these nickels, the person will be advised to bring it to the George R. Brown Convention Center during the 59th Houston Money Show running from Thursday, December 3 to Saturday, December 5.

There are several prizes to be had, with a potential winner walking away with over $3,000 in prizes.

Honorary Greater Houston Coin Club member Carl Schwenker has lead the effort to organize and coordinate a successful “Greater Houston Treasure Hunt” for the 59th Houston Money Show.

The Houston Money Show appreciates sponsorship of this project by U. S. Coins, Inc. of Houston, Texas.

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