Harlan J. Berk Celebrates 10 Years of Giving Back to Their Customers


By CoinWeek….

Harlan J. Berk is a Chicago-based family-owned rare coin business that specializes in ancient coins, antiquities, world coins, U.S. coins, and maps.

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For 10 years, Harlan J. Berk has been rewarding its most loyal customers with something all numismatists can appreciate… more money to use to buy coins.

The holiday-timed cash giveaway started with chocolate.

“My dad and I used to work with Harry & David and give out chocolates to 75 of our best customers,” Aaron Berk, Vice President of Harlan J. Berk, Ltd., told CoinWeek recently, “but ten years ago I had a different idea. Why not give them something they’d appreciate more than chocolate.”

And so the program began, Aaron and his father Harlan combed through the company’s sales ledger and took the list of 75-best customers and worked out a giveaway program that rewarded their most loyal customers… not with edibles… but with something spendable.

That year, 2006, Harlan J. Berk mailed out certificates worth approximately $8,000. Since that time, the program has grown by leaps and bounds.

“The gift certificates went out this week,” Berk said, “this year we’re giving out almost $50,000. That $50,000 brings the ten-year total to half a million dollars.”

Harlan J. Berk’s gift certificates range from $50 to $1,000. Berk told CoinWeek that 32 collectors received $500 gift certificates and that collectors who spent $1,000 over the course of the year will get $50.

“Our clients look to us to help them curate their collections. With this program, our most loyal customers see our dedication to them and their collections and they appreciate that Harlan J. Berk, Ltd. is willing to give back.”

If you are one of Harlan J. Berk’s loyal customers, the check is in the mail…

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