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Harlan J. Berk Mobility IV Auction: 6 Lots You Need to Check Out


By CoinWeek Staff Reports….
The Harlan J. Berk Mobility IV Sale features 221 lots. Interested collectors can bid on the coins by going to Harlan J. Berk’s Mobility website or by using the company’s mobile app (CoinWeek previewed the App in our May 18, 2015 Weekly Report).


Mobility IV is broken down into three major categories: Ancients (146), World Coins (29), and U.S. (40 lots). Five lots of numismatic curiosities are thrown in for good measure.

Harlan J. Berk selects the lots for their Mobility sales with collectors in mind, trying not only to make the coins technologically accessible but accessible to collectors of all budgets and tastes. Lots range in price from $10 to a few thousand dollars, with a good variety of material for collectors of all budgets and tastes.


Sale Highlights


Lot 2 is an electrum Hecte struck between 450 and 400 B.C.E. The obverse of this Ionian coin features a laureate head of Zeus facing left – an unusual occurance. This rare issue comes from the collection of Mike Vosper. Minimum Bid: $2,750.

Beware the Ides of March. Lot 84 was struck for Gaius Cassius Longinus, one of the conspirators in the assassination plot that took out Julius Caesar in 44 B.C.E. This denarius was struck to pay Cassius’ soldiers in their rebellion against the forces of Marc Antony and Octavian. A beautiful example of this exciting issue. Minimum Bid: $2,850



hjbworldcoinsLot 150 is a 1984 Yuan Proof from the People’s Republic of China. This brass proof has a mintage of 30,000 pieces and features China’s iconic panda design. $200 Minimum Bid.

Lot 165 is a 10-ducat gold coin from West Germany–or, more accurately, a medallic coin. This prooflike example weighs 1.0807oz. and is struck in .980 fine gold. It features the bust of Nefertiti on the obverse and the six-pointed cross on the reverse. Goldbugs will appreciate the message that appears on the reverse: PRO PROSPERITATE MUNDI AUREUS MAGNUS (A Great Golden [Coin] for the Prosperity of the World). Minimum Bid $1270.





Lot 210. A complete PCGS Short Set of Walking Liberty half dollars (1941-1947). The Walking Liberty half dollar series is a challenging yet popular coin type, made accessible to a majority of collectors by way of the Short Set. The Short Set, as it’s been called since the 1950s, are Walkers struck from 1941 until the end of the series in 1947. By 1941, the series had grown so large that coin album manufacturers had to make a second volume to store them. The first album housed coins struck from 1916 through 1940. All of the coins in this short set are graded MS65 by PCGS. Current Bid at time of publication: $2,800.

1879omorganLot 212 is a PQ 1879-O Morgan dollar in PCGS MS65. The strike and luster on this coin is reminiscent of a San Francisco strike, not a coin struck on the antiquated presses of the New Orleans Mint. This issue typically grades in MS63 or below, so gem MS65s are scarce. True gems, like this piece? Even scarcer. Minimum Bid: $3,500.


Which lots are your favorite from this Harlan J. Berk’s Mobility IV Sale grouping? Let us know in the comments below.




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