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Harvey Stack: Counsel for Collectors, Stacks’ Enduring Legacy, and Dealing in Bags and Rolls – Video

Interviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com….

Harvey Stack - Numismatic PersonalityIn this mini-series of interviews, Stack’s Bowers founder Harvey Stack shares his thoughts and recollections about his sixty-plus years in the coin business.

Harvey Stack: Counsel for Coin Collectors in the Long Term. VIDEO: 5:13.


Harvey gives his expert opinion to collectors looking to hold coins long term.


Stack’s Recent History and Philosophy of Business. VIDEO: 5:22.


Stack’s has been in New York City so long it has almost become a landmark. Harvey shares the recent history and developments of the company and how he retired and came back to once again serve collectors. He explains the philosophy of why Stack’s has been so enduring.

Harvey Stack: Dealing in Rolls and Bags of Coins. VIDEO: 3:50.


In 1950 the Denver Mint nickel was a low mintage and very sought after. Stack’s had to procure this coin for its base of collectors. Harvey tells what was involved in obtaining this coin as well as others and roll and bag quantities.


Harvey Stack: Recollections of Numismatic Videographer David Lisot. VIDEO: 1:21.


Harvey has known numismatic videographer David Lisot since the 1970’s. He shares his memories about David and how he first got into putting coins and collectors on video.


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