Harvey Stack: Current Coin Prices, Counsel for Collectors, the Essence of Collecting – Video.

Interviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com….

Harvey Stack - Numismatic PersonalityIn this mini-series of interviews, Stack’s Bowers founder Harvey Stack shares his thoughts and recollections about his sixty-plus years in the coin business.

Harvey Stack: Current Prices of Great Numismatic Rarities. VIDEO: 2:48.


Harvey has seen prices on the great numismatic rarities soar in value. He cautions what makes for a healthy market.


Harvey Stack: Counsel for Coin Collectors in the Long Term. VIDEO: 5:13.


Harvey shares what in all his wisdom makes him conclude what it takes be successful in the coin hobby.


Harvey Stack: Essence of Being a Coin Collector. VIDEO: 1:58.


Harvey Stack has been involved with some of the most famous coin collectors in history. He shares what he believes to be their essence and why Stack’s has been so successful at dealing with them.

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