Harvey Stack: Harry Forman, Colonel Green, and Challenging Consignments – Video

harvey_stack_interview_thumbInterviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com….

In this mini-series of interviews, Stack’s Bowers founder Harvey Stack shares his thoughts and recollections about his sixty-plus years in the coin business.


Harvey Stack: Coin Dealer Harry Forman of Philadelphia.  VIDEO: 5:28.


Harvey was good friends with the well known coin dealer Harry Forman. He shares stories about Harry, their business deals, and their friendship.


Harvey Stack: Colonel Green, Other Coin Collectors and the 1st Grading Service. VIDEO: 2:56.


Harvey was instrumental transacting in the Colonel Green Collection and many others. He explains how dealers were once the first primary coin graders and why the first grading service was created.


Harvey Stack: Some Challenges with Coin Bidders and Consignors. VIDEO: 3:45.


Harvey shares some stories about some the most interesting collectors and dealers that have attended his auctions. You will find that coin people have their share of eccentricities.


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