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Harvey Stack – I Do Not Like Slabbed Coins, Plus Thoughts on Various Coin Investments… – Video

Harvey Stack - Numismatic PersonalityHarvey G. Stack

Interviewer: David LisotCoinWeek.com….

In this mini-series of interviews, Stack’s Bowers founder Harvey Stack shares his thoughts and recollections about three of the 20th century’s most important collectors, their most important coins, and how they got them.

Why I Do Not Like Coins in Slabs (2:28)


Harvey isn’t one to mince words about the effects third-party grading has had on numismatics.

Harvey Stack: Coin Trading Funds and Investment in Proof Sets (6:00)


Harvey talks about coin trading funds. He also shares the story about a coin collector who thought proof sets were a good investment.

Harvey Stack: Investing in Rolls and Bags of Coins (2:40)


Harvey shares why the market for investment in bags and rolls of coins may not be such a good thing.


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