Heritage Offers Certified American Tokens & Medals in Month-Long Auction

Heritage Offers Certified American Tokens & Medals in Month-Long Auction

The latest Month-Long auction from Heritage Auctions features exonumia in its offering of a selection of Certified American Tokens and Medals.

Open for bidding now, this auction concludes with a live session at 6 PM CT on December 22.

This auction is especially strong in Civil War tokens – privately issued pieces that were designed to circulate as money during the Civil War. Most are about the size of an Indian cent and were designed to circulate alongside them. Civil War tokens are generally divided into two main types – Patriotic tokens, usually with a flag or a patriotic slogan; and Merchants’ tokens, also known as storecards, designed to bring attention to the merchant issuer.

One standout piece is lot 93111, a storecard from Thowbridge’s Watch, Sheboygan, WI, Fuld-790A-2a, graded MS64 Red and Brown by NGC. Thowbridge was the only merchant token issuer in Sheboygan during the Civil war. Two varieties are known, one with an Indian cent-inspired Liberty head, the other with a pocket watch motif. This piece is of the latter variety. Burgundy-brown and copper-red hues adorn each side, complementing the sharp strike and lack of surface imperfections.

A few of the other notable American tokens and medals in this auction include:

Bid on the pieces in this auction through December 22 at Coins.HA.com.

Heritage Is Expanding

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