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Highlights from David Lawrence Rare Coins Sunday Auction #874


Bidding is currently open at David Lawrence Rare Coins for their weekly auction. Sunday Auction #874 closes at 8:00 pm September 20 and features 263 new certified coins – 75 of which are special No Reserve items.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  1. Lot 594: 1870-CC Seated Liberty 25c, PCGS VG-10


The Carson City Mint produced only 8,340 business strike Seated Liberty quarters in the year 1870. Add strong eye appeal and light toning into the mix, and you’ve got one outstanding rare coin. This particular specimen is also part of the With Motto series, which means it features the motto “In God We Trust” on the reverse above the eagle. It consists of 90% silver and has a reeded edge.

  1. Lot 600: 1895 Barber 25c, NGC PF-68 CAM


Barber coinage is still going strong, and this Proof coin from 1895 is no exception. Minted in Philadelphia, the coin has an exceptionally defined cameo; Liberty’s head is beautifully silver-white while the field is a wonderfully chromatic black. Only 880 Proof examples of this issue were struck. 90% silver with a reeded edge.

  1. Lot 627: 1918 Walking Liberty 50c, PCGS MS-66


This coin is tied for the title of “Finest Known” Walking Liberty half dollar from 1918. A representative from the early years of the series (1916-1947), this lustrous coin has managed to preserve its excellent eye appear for almost a century. With the centennial of Adolph Weinman’s popular design just around the corner, the Walking Liberty series could be hotter than ever. 90% silver with a reeded edge.

  1. Lot 874: 1889-CC Morgan $1, PCGS AU-50


The Morgan dollars of Carson City are one of–if not the most–popular collectible coin types in American numismatics. And the 1889-CC issue is one of the most important key dates. A specimen with good eye appeal like this coin is a triumph for any collector. 90% silver with a reeded edge.

  1. Lot 734: 1909-S Indian Head $5, PCGS MS-62 CAC


Bela Lyon Pratt’s gorgeous contribution to the “Golden Age of American Coinage” rarely looks better than on this key date 1909-S Indian Head half eagle $5 gold coin. San Francisco was where it was at for sharp, high-quality business strikes, and this coin’s exceptional eye appeal is a good example. Consists of almost a quarter ounce of 90% gold and 10% copper, and has a reeded edge.



For more information about these and other coins in David Lawrence’s September Sunday Auctions, click on the links above or visit their newly redesigned website at www.davidlawrence.com.




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