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Highlights of Künker GmbH eLive Auction 35

By Künker GmbH & Company….

Kunker GmbH: Alexander I / Frederick William III
Lot 799: Busts of Alexander I and Frederick William III, surrounded by a laurel wreath (L); Representation of Berlin victory monument on reverse (R)

Künker GmbH & Co.’s eLive Auction 35 will take place this coming week from Tuesday, May 19th until Thursday, May 21st, at 6:00 p.m. each day on elive-auction.de.

This auction offers a large number of coins and medals from the ancient world up to the modern era, with exceedingly beautiful pieces from Russia such as a “sun ruble” in the rare portrait variant featuring Peter I (“the Great”), or the title piece from our online catalogue. This piece is a very rare silver medal with a gorgeous patina of Alexander I. The medal was created on the occasion of the groundbreaking ceremony for the victory monument on the Kreuzberg in Berlin, featuring a representation of Alexander I together with King Frederick William III of Prussia, as a memorial to the victory over Napoleon I.

From the ancient world we have the honor to present to you rarities from the areas of Greek, Roman, Byzantine and oriental minting, as well as Celtic pieces. For example, a Very Fine Celtic stater with an extraordinarily fresh obverse stamp from the year 2 / 1 BCE. From Germany we recommend, among others, a half reichsthaler from the city of Regensburg in a variant without mint master and engraver signatures on the front side and a two-mark piece from Frederick Francis IV.

Click on eLive-auction.de, where you will find many other interesting mintings from the German States, the Habsburg Empire, Europe and beyond, waiting to be discovered!


Highlights of our eLive Auction 35

Kunker: Bohemia boier
Lot 3
Ô-Stater, 2./1. BCE
Estimate: 350 €

Kunker: Russia, Peter I the GreatLot 706
Russian Empire
Peter I., the Great, 1682-1725.
Rubel 1724, St. Petersburg.
Estimate: 400 €

Kunker: Russia, Alexander ILot 799
Russian Empire
Alexander I., 1801-1825.
Silver medal 1818,
Estimate: 2.000 €

Kunker: USA, Carson City MorganLot 931
United States of America
Silver Dollar 1883 CC, Carson City.
Estimate: 125 €

Kunker: Holy Roman EmpireLot 935
Holy Roman Empire
Maximilian I., 1490-1519.
Silver casting medal 1518,
Estimate: 500 €

Kunker: NordhausenLot 1239
City of Nordhausen
24 Mariengroschen 1685.
Estimate: 750 €

Kunker: RegensburgLot 1257
City of Regensburg
1/2 Reichstaler n. d.,
Estimate: 1.000 €

Kunker: MecklenbergLot 1421
Friedrich Franz IV., 1897-1918.
2 Mark 1901.
Estimate: 500 €


We hope you enjoy our next eLive Auction.

Your Künker Team

Participating live on the internet

If you’d like to participate in the eLive Auction over the internet, your personal myKünker login data is required. Registration takes place exclusively at www.kuenker.de. Our service for you: by means of this login data we offer you a simple log in process at www.kuenker.de and www.elive-auction.de and thus participation in the online auction, and we also enable you to shop in our Online Shop.

Sending bids by Fax, Phone and Email

While online bidding is always available we also gladly accept your bids by:

Phone: +49 541 96202 0
Fax: +49 541 96202 22
Email: [email protected]

Please note

The likelihood of errors increases if we receive your bid only shortly before the auction. Therefore, we recommend sending in your bids as early as possible.

Did you know that you can buy direct from Künker GmbH? Check out their live store at MA-Shops.com

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