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Highlights of Newest Additions To Atlas Numismatics Publishes Inventory

Atlas Numismatics ancient coins and world coins

Atlas Numismatics is a rare coin dealership with a particular focus on world coins of exceptional quality. They also buy and sell a select range of ancient and United States coins.

Atlas Numismatics president James Ricks gained his numismatic experience while working at Northeast Numismatics in Massachusetts for eighteen years, including fourteen years as director of the world coin department. During this time he participated in some of the most important world coin auctions, both domestically and abroad: John Jay Pittman, Eliasberg, Irving Goodman, Van Roekel, Samuel King, Bentley, Caballero de las Yndias, and Archer M. Huntington to name a few.

Atlas Numismatics has updated their website with 789 new coins, medals, and tokens at fixed prices. New selections include the following items:

Attractively Toned Syracuse Tetradrachm

1050526 | GREEK. SICILY. Syracuse. Second Democracy. Struck circa 460-440 BC. AR Tetradrachm. NGC Ch. AU (Choice About Uncirculated) Strike 4/5 Surface 5/5. 17.26gm. Slow quadriga driven r. by charioteer, holding kentron and reins; above, Nike flying r., crowning horses. In exergue, sea monster right / Head of Arethusa right, hair bound with fillet, wearing earring and necklace with pendant. Rizzo pl. XXXVI, 16 (these deis); Boehringer 571; SNG Copenhagen 650 (this reverse die).

Beautifully toned, struck from dies of elegant style.

Ex CNG Sale 39, 1996, Lot 294. 



High Relief Nero Aureus

1050532 | ROMAN IMPERIAL. Nero. (Emperor, 54-68 AD). Struck 54-68 AD. AV Aureus. NGC AU (About Uncirculated) Strike 4/5 Surface 5/5. Rome. 7.61gm. NERO CAESAR AVG IMP. Bare head of Nero right / PONTIF MAX TR P VII COS IIII PP (from bottom left), EX-SC across fields. Ceres standing left, veiled, holding two corn-ears and long torch. RIC 23; BMC 25; Calico 428.

Superb high relief portrait, lustrous original surfaces.



Medallic City-View 10 Ducats

1050100 | AUSTRIA. ND (ca. 1683) AV Medallic 10 Ducats. PCGS SP55. By J. M. Hoffmann. 42.05mm. 34.61gm. SALVATOR MUNDI. Half-length portrait of Christ with halo /SVB UMBRA (As before) –  ALARV TVARV (Under the shadow of Thy wings.) [ MUNUS/ :R · P:/ VIENNENS ] (Vienna city view). City view of Vienna with St. Stephen’s Cathedral, crowned double eagle with sword, scepter and orb in the claws, below three lines of writing in decorated cartouche between two shields. Horsky 7023.

Lovely original surfaces.



Prooflike Danish West Indies 10 Daler or 50 Francs

1050711 | DANISH WEST INDIES. Christian IX. 1904 AV 10 Daler, 50 Francs. NGC MS63PL (Prooflike). Head left / Seated liberty figure divides denominations, date below. KM 73; Fr.-1.

Prooflike choice mint state, very rare as such.



Ottobeuren Abbey Medal

1050090 | GERMAN STATES. Bavaria. 1766 AR Medal. PCGS MS63. By J. Thiebaud. 38.85mm. 16.28gm. Five lines of font in decorated cartouche / Bird’s eye view of Ottobeuren Abbey. Forster 502.

An extremely unusual 3/4 bird’s eye perspective.



Wilhelm I Medal of 20 Ducats

1050103 | GERMAN STATES. Prussia. (1861) AV Medallic 20 Ducats. PCGS SP63+. By C. Pfeuffer. 42.75mm. 69.74gm. Bust right in inner circle, a broad ribbon of relief on which the arts of painting, architecture, sculpture and music are allegorically depicted in four fields, between embellishments / View of museum, Helios above with sun-chariot, lyre flanked by two griffins below. Sommer P 112/2; Hüsken 7.235.

State-wide award medal for art. Superb quality for the issue from Atlas Numismatics



Choice Regensburg City-View Thaler

1050091 | GERMAN STATES. Regensburg. Charles VI. (Holy Roman Emperor, 1711-1740). (circa 1740) (e) AR Thaler. NGC MS63. MON · REIP ·- RATISBON. City arms in elaborate frame / CAROLVS VI · D · – G · ROM · IMP · SEMP · AVG, C D O below. Different bust. KM 258; Beckenb. 6172; Dav. 2613; Slg. Bach (Auktion Künker 238) 4752.

Beautifully toned, very rare in this quality.



The Three Graces

1050092 | GERMAN STATES. Saxony-Albertine. 1764 AR Medal. PCGS SP63. By J. L. Oexlein. 43.5mm. 21.9gm. Three Graces stand side by side with medallions engraved with the portraits of Xaver, his wife, and Friedrich August, coat of arms of the Electorate of Saxony decorated with flowers in exergue below / Ceres with Mercury staff and cornucopia stands in flourishing landscape before a view of the city of Dresden. Slg. Merseburger 1898; Slg. Engelhardt 1666; Slg. Erlanger 2308.

On Saxony’s prosperity. Beautiful original surfaces, extremely rare in this quality.



Elizabeth I Half Pound

1050617 | GREAT BRITAIN. England. Elizabeth I. Queen, 1558-1603. (1594-96) AV Half Pound. PCGS AU55. Tower Mint, London. 5.54gm. (woolpack) ELIZABETH : D’ · G’ · ANG’ · FRA’ · ET : HI’ · REGINA ·, crowned bust (B&C type 8B) left / (woolpack) SCVTVM FIDEI · PROTEGET · EAM ·, crowned coat-of-arms; E R flanking. SCBC 2535A; Brown & Comber G26; Schneider 810 var. (stops); North 2009.

Spink lists the type at £7000 in Very Fine. Attractively toned, very rare in this quality.



Superb Queen Anne Farthing

1050621 | GREAT BRITAIN. Anne. 1714 CU Pattern Farthing. PCGS PR66RB (Red-Brown). Tower (London) mint. 21mm. ANNA · DEI · GRATIA. Draped bust left / RITAN NIA ·. Britannia seated left on globe, holding laurel branch and scepter and resting arm on shield at side, J7J4 in exergue. Peck 741.

Superb glossy surfaces, exceptional offering from Atlas Numismatics



Large Format George III Gold Medal

1050094 | GREAT BRITAIN. George III. (1768) AV Medal (30 Ducat Weight). PCGS SP62. By J. Kirk. Edge: “JOHANNES GOODSICH, A. B. COLL. TRIN. 1807.”. 52.92mm. 103.24gm. GEORGIVS III PIVS FELIX PATER PATRIAE. Laureate half-length bust in cloak right / AUSP:AUG:HEN:DUC:DE GRAFTON ACAD:CANTAB:CANCELL:. Female figure with lyre wreaths student standing with book; angel with horn and banner inscribed with DETUR DIGNISSIMO above. Eimer 728; Brown 112.

On the appointment of Augustus Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Grafton, as Chancellor of the University of Cambridge. Exceedingly rare, an enormous and impressive piece. The edge inscription was an engraver’s error (John Goodrich received this medal in 1807).



From the Family of John Quincy Adams

1050551 | GREAT BRITAIN. George III. (King, 1760-1820). 1797 (ND) AR Half-Dollar, Emergency issue. PCGS AU50 (C/M AU Details)C/M AU Details. Portrait-type oval countermark. CAROLUS IIII · DEI · G ·. Bust right (host coin) / HISPANIARUM · REX ·. Crowned arms of Castile and Leon. KM 431.1 (host coin).

Struck on a 1791 M-MF Spain 4 Reales host coin. Countermark graded AU Details. Counterstamped during a shortage of silver specie, this issue gained the name “the head of a fool on the neck of an ass” from an unimpressed populace. Lovely cabinet patina and an exceptional provenance.

Ex-John Quincy Adams’ Family Collection (collected by John Quincy Adams and his son Charles Francis Adams); Ex: The Massachusetts Historical Society, September 17 & 18, 1971, lot 1013. Includes original collector’s ticket.




High Grade 1911 British Proof Set

1051118 | GREAT BRITAIN. George V. (King, 1910-1936). 1911 AV & AR 12 Piece Proof Set (5 Sovereign through Maundy Penny). PCGS PR65-PR67+. Head, left / St. George slaying the dragon. KM PS17 (KM 811 – KM 818.1, KM 819 – KM 822); SCBC-PS11 Coronation.

Just 2,812 sets issued. Grades as follows: PCGS PR65 (5 Pounds); PCGS PR65 Cameo (2 Pounds); PCGS PR65 Cameo (Sovereign); PCGS PR65 Cameo (Half-Sovereign); PCGS PR67+ (Halfcrown); PCGS PR67 (Florin); PCGS PR67 (Shilling); PCGS PR66 (Sixpence); PCGS PR66 (Maundy Fourpence); PCGS PR67 (Maundy Threepence); PCGS PR66 (Maundy Twopence); PCGS PR67 (Maundy Penny) Superb matched set.

Includes original case.



Virtually Flawless Mauritius 20 Cents

1051349 | MAURITIUS. 1877-H AR 20 Cents. PCGS SP68. Heaton, Birmingham. VICTORIA QUEEN. Crowned head left / MAURITIUS… Value within beaded circle. KM 11.1.

Superbly toned and virtually flawless.



Artistic Gilt Basel Medal

1047374 | SWITZERLAND. Basel. 1927 Gilt-White Metal Medal. Gem Mint State. Edge: Plain. 40mm. 22.12gm. BASEL/ 1927// ZUR ERINNERUNG AN DIE XVII. AUSSTELLUNG • BIOLOGISCHER VEREIN •. A serpent, left, bearing fangs / Three fish in swirling waters, a hallmark stamped at the edge [METAL].

Struck to commemorate the 27th Biological Association Expo at Basel.

Both PCGS and NGC have deemed this type ineligible for certification.



Extremely Rare Pattern 2 Baht

1051011 | THAILAND. Rama V. -1877 CU Pattern 2 Baht. PCGS SP58. Bust left / Coat of arms. KM Pn36; A022-02.

An extremely rare type struck in Birmingham, England. The only piece certified by both grading services in any grade. Reflective surfaces with slight cabinet friction.



Current and Upcoming Events

Atlas Numismatics will be attending the following numismatic convention.
Please stop by and say hello if you have a chance.

The 2018 World’s Fair of Money – Table #1242-1244, Hall D
August 14-18, 2018
American Numismatic Association (ANA)
Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA

Updates to the Atlas Numismatics online inventory are issued monthly.

For more information and to sign up for the firm’s monthly newsletter, visit Atlas Numismatics at www.atlasnumismatics.com.



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