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Historic Origins and Values of the Wheat Penny: Bullion Shark

By Bullion Shark LLC ……
The Lincoln cent has been issued continuously since 1909, longer than any other coin currently produced by the United States. It has seen three different reverse subtypes during that period while retaining the same obverse (apart from slight modifications) and it is a coin that has long appealed to both beginning and advanced collectors. Many collectors got started with these coins at a young age.

Wheat Penny

Of the three reverses used on the coin, the original wheat stalk reverse used from the coin’s debut through 1959 (when it was replaced with a design of the Lincoln Memorial) is the one most beloved to collectors. That has a lot to do with the fact that most of the rarer issues are from this period, including the series key, the 1909-S VDB. The wheat reverse was intended to symbolize prosperity.

The origins of the coin lie with President Theodore Roosevelt, who met in 1905 with famed sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens when the two discussed the artistic state of American coinage. Roosevelt later commissioned Saint-Gaudens to redesign the entire gamut of U.S. coins from the cent through the double eagle. Saint-Gaudens produced arguably the most beloved designs of all time for the $10 and $20 gold coins and prepared sketches for a new cent featuring Liberty on it, but the design was never used. Saint-Gaudens passed away in 1907, a year before the commercial debut of his gold coin masterpieces.

Roosevelt’s vision was eventually carried out from this time through 1921 by several different artists and this period is known as the renaissance of American coinage.

Roosevelt considered President Abraham Lincoln the greatest Republican president and saw himself as Lincoln’s political heir. He thought that a new cent timed to commemorate the upcoming centennial of the slain president’s birth in 1809 would be merited. He admired a plaque that had been created by Lithuanian immigrant and sculptor with a numismatic focus Victor David Brenner that featured a right-facing side profile of Lincoln, making him an ideal candidate to design the new coin.

The Mint Director of the period commissioned Brenner to redesign the cent that had been using the Indian Head design since 1859. Brenner submitted his Lincoln and wheat penny designs, which saw some modifications, including some he did not approve of such a lowering of the bust from extending to the top edge of the coin as he prepared it, which was likely done to add the inscription, “IN GOD WE TRUST”, which was also not on his original design.

VDB: The “Scandalous” Initials

But the biggest controversy surrounds the artist’s efforts to give himself credit on the coin as its designer – something that is commonly done on U.S. coins with some form of the artist’s initials. The artist’s design originally included his entire last name on the reverse. When told by the Mint that his name would be obtrusive there, he changed it to his three initials, “VDB”, which then appeared on the first coins struck — 1909 and 1909-S cents released on August 2, 1909. The coins were greeted with a remarkable degree of interest that many called a frenzy.

But within three days the Mint stopped producing those coins and removed the initials after 484,000 of the original version had been made. There had been discussion of replacing Brenner’s full name with the first letter of his last name, but that was not done because Charles Barber, the Mint’s chief engraver at the time, did not want it to be confused with the “B” that appears on the silver coins he designed.

Many have suggested there was public outcry about the use of the “VDB” initials as advertising for the artist, but researchers like Q. David Bowers note that they found no press reports of the time, nor Treasury records, that corroborate that view, which he considers to be folklore.

Moreover, the numismatic community objected to the removal of the initials, noting that it was inconsistent with past practice since coins like the gold ones designed by Saint-Gaudens featured three initials while others used just one. They and Brenner compared it to an artist’s signature on a painting.

In 1918, not long after Charles Barber’s passing in 1917, a smaller set of initials was added to obverse under Lincoln’s shoulder.

How Much Are They Worth?

At the time of publication, a wheat penny is worth at least 1.85 cents based on its 95% copper content at current spot values. This is the value for circulated examples of the most common coins. Such cans are readily available in rolls and in bags of 5,000 coins.

At the other end of the spectrum are the rarest and most valuable coins like the 1909-S VDB and popular variety coins like the 1955 Doubled Die.

Wheat Penny Values

Mint State examples of common-date wheat pennies can be worth about $5 in MS65 Brown, $10 in MS66BN and $30 in MS67BN, while Red examples in the same grade can command $14, $18 and $80. But a top-graded MS68RD is seldom encountered and worth a whopping $3,150!

Individual dates can be worth anywhere from those values to tens of thousands for the rarest dates in top condition.

Keep in mind that because copper oxidizes over time, it is very important to store your valuable cents properly as they could change color and lose value if not stored in as airtight an environment as possible.

1944 Wheat Penny

1944 Wheat pennies are common in all grades–which is not surprising since 1,435,400,000 were struck–with values similar to those for a type coin. However, an estimated 25-30 were made on 1943 zinc-coated steel planchets. Those coins are very rare and have sold for from $30,000 in MS61 to a record of $158,000 for an MS64 example.

Mintages were high during this period due to increased demand for coins in circulation during World War II.

1945 Wheat Penny

1945 Wheat pennies are also common with a little over one billion made and values again similar to type coins, but many have blotchy surfaces, so care should be taken to find a nice example.

1946 Wheat Penny

1946 is another common date with close to a billion made and similar values as the 1944 and 1945 coins. Strike and sharpness vary for this date, but it should not be difficult to find examples with fully struck details on them.

Collecting Lincoln Wheat pennies can be done in endless ways and on every budget depending on your goals as a collector of this hugely popular series.

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        • I have 1911.1916.1917.1919.1923.1926.most of the 1930’s .1940’except 1943.1950 threw 1959. Most of the 60’s and 70′ all the 80’s and 90’s alot of rpm and dd and machine doubling but nothing that i could retire on and i only been collecting for about 4 months im saving them for my grandchildren so maybe in 30yrs they will be worth something and they can retire.

          • I’ve recently found a 1960d penny, I just noticed that it has letters and numbers all over the front and the back. I know from a video I watched that it has an error around Lincolns bust double die. I believe this could be something special.how do I get it checked?

          • Check your 20s, 43 if copper,69s d.d
            O.1955 pennies and nickels and of course 1909s DVD, good luck randy

        • Don, those are all common date except the 1909. You need to check and make sure their is no (S) mintmark on it and then check the reverse at the bottom of the coin to see if the V.D.B. is stamped there. If it’s a plain 1909 VDB it could be worth anywhere from $1-$120 depending on grade/condition…DO NOT CLEAN ANY COINS!!!!!! PERIOD! & be aware for coin dealers who will scam you if the coin isn’t in what is called a slab or a graded container. Crooked dealers are notorious for claiming that the coin has
          “Been cleaned” just to lo-ball you into selling it cheap. I used to do basic coin values years ago where aid charge $5 to look at pictures of people’s coins in order to give them a ballpark figure and it did good but, I ended up moving and started back in law enforcement. I am considering starting it up again due to the amount of people wanting to know what they have and it makes me feel good knowing they will get an honest price so they don’t get rooked by some POS coin dealers out to scam them.

          • that would be awesome if u did. we need someone out there willing to help us amateurs. i hv a heck of a collection of wheat pennies dont hv a clue wht im looking for but i keep saving them.

          • I will help identify your coins. I’ve been doing research myself and would be more than willing to help you if you’d like.
            Just reply to comment and we can connect if you would like and go from there.

          • Hey Erick I have acouple of error wheat pennies I would like an honest opinion on a like look them up and there are none like them so I’m guessing there with something right

          • Denis I have a small collection of coins. Wheat pennies silver quarters silver dimes and a couple half dollars and a couple gold dollars. I am just starting out and could use some help if possible

          • Hi Denis,
            I am so glad to see people in here with great knowledge like you. I have been a stamp and coin collector long time ago just did not get around sitting down and looking through them until Recently. I have one of the 1909 with out s or VDB. Coint does look almost mint. Do you advise if thats worth anything and where would you recomend to look up for most updated value of coin and stamps.

          • I have a 1958 steel penny can’t find nothing about it nowhere.It is magnet tested.if you could point me in right direction. Thank you

          • If you start doing that again, can you please let me know? I have quite a vast coin hoard and since I’ve caught the cancer I don’t have the energy to do all the research and find someone honest to help me to know what I have or if it’s worth anything. Thanks much.

      • Hello there I just wanted to know how can I find someone that can help me …to see if these cents coins are worth something….. because I probably have a handful of it …so is their a phone number u can send me so I can find out about it more…

    • I have some of these coins you have listed above. How do I contact those who want to buy it. Ready to sell it thanks if you don’t have anybody I will hold it for right.. Please text me if your interested. Please let me know. Thanks again for this information.

      • Condition and whether or not the coin is an error. Those will be the biggest factors in pricing. Look up a local coin dealer would be your best bet.

    • 1943 steal pennies arent worth much as these were the common ones however 1943 copper pennies are worth a small fortune as only a handful were created

        • The 1943 steel is not worth much, but if you get the 1944 steel pennies that would be worth about as much as if you were to get a 1943 copper pennie.

          • To Cory; How much for either pennies? Always wondered how many were made of each one. Heard there was only one or 2 of each ever made. Think there was a movie made about the steel penny that should have been copper. There was only one in the world. Turns out at end of movie there are 2. Now I here there’s more. Where is the correct info on this? Who struck them and how Manny? Copper and steel for 43 and 44?
            Would love to know the truth and if it’s a myth. Please respond.

          • Not sure what you mean about if it’s dated 1944 so it’s worth money if it’s a 1944 or you’re saying any other wheat penny is not worth no money? I’m not comprehending sorry.

    • Whatever you do, do not clean them. It will totally devalue them. To make sure they are all steel, use a magnet to see if they are really made of steel. If they are not attracted to the magnet, you have a very valuable coin.

          • Hi I have a bunch of wheat pennies I have over 5lbs of them I have all 1940’s except the copper 43 and the 44 steel penny’s. I have all the 20’s except the 22. I have all the 30’s I think. I even have all the 50’s I have tons of all of them. Can you get back to me plz i could use some help.

          • Nick I have many wheat pennies and other coins my Grandma bought for me every year growing up! I took the collection after spending a few days getting them in order and didn’t want to take up too much of jewelers time? I also wanted to document what I had! He took the seperated containers and poured them all back into a pile and dug out all of the silver ones and told me the rest were spending money!! Needless to say I was pissed! He gave me $50 and I told him that I know that he doesn’t know anything about coins!! Cause all he got was some silver dollars! And they werent the ones that I still have and then he told me all my 1909 to 1958 collections, 3 in tubular plastic cases, and been in them since they came out when my Grandma got them for the 3 of us, that they were nothing but spending money? Glad he didn’t know what he was talking about? You are more than welcome to look at them and the others? I have 1808 Indians Head like very much! Thank you

          • I have a huge Folger’s can filled to the top with all different year wheaties ,steel wheaties also,I’m a collector also.

    • There are places on Google and You Tube that show values all the time! And easy to access! Good luck! Exciting isn’t it? I love looking at old coins! Thank you!!

  1. My mother had a 1943 copper penny that she found when I was a small child and she had it incased in plastic I dont remember if it had a mint stamp on it or not but how much is it worth now

    • If your mother has a copper 1943 penny it is worth a fortune, unfortunately their are a lot of fakes out their. To check if it is a REAL COPPER PENNY and not a copper plated Steal penny all you need to do is hold a magnet to it. If it sticks, it’s only copper plated Steal, if it doesn’t, then you have the REAL THING.
      Good Luck

        • Get it graded through pcgs ngc one of those first if you want to get full value out ilof it collectors want to know it’s legit and a graded and therefore authenticated… You still do well if you just sold it on eBay you got to be dumb if you do that you need a tribute to one of the big three in dcpcgs for annex and then you’ll do really well really well haven’t sold for stacks Bowers or one of those haven’t sold for stacks Bowers have it stupid phone sorry my phone won’t type right so I have to speak to text and then screwing up everything I say so anyways that’s what that’s the process you want to go through probably cost you 100 bucks to get it graded but it’s well worth it cuz you’ll get twice as much out of it than you would if you didn’t grade it and if you didn’t grade it and you just sold it you’re going to see it 2 weeks later on The auction block for a million bucks because they took it and got it graded and then probably gave you like a couple hundred thousand at best no that helps

      • I have thousands of these pennys I dont know how to sell but i know I have some rare coins please any one know where I can sell them

        • Hi stephanie ,its Christina I do to I have quite a bit of old nickels, dimes, Bicentennial quarters old quarters silver quarters a lot of 1943 steel pennies Mercury dimes a few coins that are misprinted and I don’t know how to sell either there’s not many people I can trust I hear you my friend

        • Hey there Mrs Miller I was just wondering if you ever found someone to help you with all your questions on how to deal with your coins. I would be more than happy to try and answer any questions you may have or where you can go to sell or trade them. I know how frustrating and confusing it can be trying to get a straight and honest answer. I have only been dealing with my coins a few year’s now and beleave me being in Vegas is helpful because you have so many shops. But at the same time you have just as many rip offs. My cousin just ve into a nice size collection and sad to say he was taken . so that’s why I have studied and found some honest people to deal with so again if I can be of any help please feel free to contact me anytime. Best of everything to you and yours. Billy Fowler
          Aka penny pincher.

        • Go on Google them and if you look them up you can get your answers quick? Just don’t get too excited cause you must make sure they meet the same criteria as the one they are describing to you in the article? Cause my friend there are many coins and many error coins to ask these kind people what you have is authentic or not? And I know they are not wanting to get your hopes up and you not have exactly what their talking about! After you research your coins and I hope they are the real deal, please go have them graded and protected by a good cover! Good luck in your search! Marian

        • I will like someone who know about all the valuable coins, print a brochure with all that each one that have anything that make that coin valuable, thpeicture re and the price

    • El valor de la moneda es de aproximadamente $2 a 3 centavos cada una pero si hay fechas especiales podrían valer más pero para ello contacta a un dealer de confianza o contáctame si lo deseas.

  2. Each cent weighs 3.11 grams
    Each cent is 95% copper which is 2.9545 grams of copper. As of 10:00 cdst copper is 3.0560 per pound, approx. .0067per gram
    The result is the value of a wheat cent is .0198 ea. Not 18.5 ea. as stated in the article which was otherwise very well written.

    • I’m impressed with your research and knew the 18.5 estimate was off. I’ve even seen them supposedly valued at 9 cents, but us coin value guides-The Spruce crafts suggests the ones from the 1940 value anywhere from 5cents to $72,000(for the steel 1943s). I’m betting 5 to 6 cents to a collector which would be a better bet than simply for the copper value as calculated by Mr. Weiss. The other years have values all over the spectrum so I’d recommend this website to get a ball pari figure of what you’re working with. Remember, don’t get too excited on some because it has to do with the condition of the coins which need to be professionally graded. Don’t clean your coins either since it devalues it. As far as the steel penny is concerned, i believe that i once heard the expensive penny can’t be picked up with a magnet, so i hope this helps!

      • I have a 1955 D that only weighs 1.9 grams and is not worn down could anyone tell me why and what it might be worth

  3. I think the decimal point for the melt value is off. Current spot price for copper is only approximately $3/lb. or about .19 per ounce. With roughly 9 copper pennies per ounce that would put the melt value at less than 2 cents each.

    Just trying to prevent people from melting these gems expecting a 1000% return on their money. :)

  4. I have been collecting coins for some time as well. I have a 1930 D penny, in good condition. I’m surprised, the other ones are 1950 vintage. My Father and I enjoyed that hobby together. S.Munoz

  5. I have a 19 56 wheat penny with with Denver mint how much is it worth we Abraham Lincoln wheat penny 1956 how much is it worth

    • I have a 1947 I guess the 7 looks like the stamp barely touched it , is this a mint miss print ?? Who do I see about it. & I think it’s a S stamp

  6. I literally have thousands of wheat ear pennies including the steel coins. I would like to pass them on to a collector. How do I do that?

    • ill by them for a good price I’m trying to get my two sons and collecting coins and kind of need something to jump start that I can pay for the shipping and as long as your price is reasonable I’m not looking for anything in particular do something to get my kids involved in it’s not filled with hate anger or violence and something they can learn about American history

      • If you’re still interested in buying the pennies I have a whole collection of misc ones that would be good for starting up a collection

      • I’m collecting wheat pennies for my greatgrand son he is disabled and can’t walk if you would like to donate them to him I would gladly accept them

  7. How do i find out if my penny are worth any money i have a 1910-1916-1923-1930 please let me know thanks for your assistance

  8. Notice how almost every response is simply wanting to know how much XYZ cent is worth? Do you think the author is going to take the time to tell you your common coin is worth $0.04? Plenty of tools to look up values online. Maybe cultivate something other than being people who (want to) know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

      • Mine as well… see what they are selling for on ebay and Amazon write it on your browser and you will find lots of dealers who buy and sell.Let the Author tend to his business!

    • Well put Oscar these lazy people have a computer in the very same hand that they are texting you with for help to look it up for them

    • Thanks for saying it b4 I lost my mind screaming at my phone reading these posts. I’m new to coin collecting but common sense says that the rare and valuable coins are valuable due mainly cuz the are RARE and condition just because u have an old wheat penny it’s worth maybe two pennies at worst if the condition looks like its brand new then chances r it’s been cleaned cuz each penny patina and it takes years or it’s a proof set coin b4 u start asking what ur coin r worth try reading or watch a few YouTube videos about key dates and error coins n all the things why those coins r valuable I have 3 1969S Pennies but there isnt any doubling so they r not the ones for $1,000s of dollars they common coins worth mayb 3cents educate urself b4 u start posting I’ve got a 1945 D penny they made over a billion of them! They r old but not rare unless there’s an error on it or doubling or whatever and if it looks like it’s been ran over by a truck probably worth Maybe $0.02 you know if you’re an adult in your asking how much your penny is worth and all you do is give a date you all sound like idiots I can understand if it’s a child but actually most children understand and grasp the things that make a coin valuable chances of a person finding a truly rare coin in circulation is a rarity in itself if it happened all the time most coins would not be rare because everyone would have one it’s just frustrating to read people’s posts I have no concept of is coin collecting read read read and when you think you’ve read enough read read read some more educate yourself before you start asking stupid questions

      • Sir your 1969 pennys may be the real deal i also have 3 of them and have done alot of research on them and have you looked at them thru a coin microscope? The 69 pennys doubling can’t be seen as easy as the 55 penny the numbers and letters are thicker get a coin microscope or get someone who knows coins to check them because they could be worth thousands of dollars of

  9. 1943 steel pennys are only worth 10-13 cents in circulated condition. And sometimes different color 43s can mean they were reprocessed and are considered damaged coins at that point. Even in uncirculated, not worth that much.

      • Couldn’t that “plate” be a blank planchett? They are worth a few bucks anyways. Thats what my redbook says. If you didn’t actually see Arthur’s coin, how can you possibly know exactly what he has? If you get any redbook, check the errors section toward the back…..it will tell you about blank planchets and have a picture of one.

      • I have some of these coins you have listed above. How do I contact those who want to buy it. Ready to sell it thanks if you don’t have anybody I will hold it for right.. Please text me if your interested. Please let me know. Thanks again for this information.

    • Like I had said the copper penny is worth 2-3 cents but people seem to b missing the point of what makes a coin valuable and it starts with reading and more reading and understanding that rare coins r valuable cuz they r not easily found and if u think u have one all u need to do is enter the description on Google search and articles will pop up and most will tell what makes it valuable whether it is an error from the mint or if it’s rare due to it’s high grade condition but people dont want to learn shit or research or know the story that makes a coins value so high instead they spit out random coin dates and nothing else and expect a high dollar amount and have no clue other than they saw the same date or a date close to but dont understand why a certain year of coin and the reason that determines it’s high value and the odds of finding one isnt very likely but the hunt is fun but to think that u have a bunch of rare ones just cuz u have a jar of coins if they r silver then u have melt value more or less but people think and put on Ebay tryn to sell common coins that r not the rare versions cuz if they were they would have sent it off to b graded and not on Ebay for $30K or some other absurd asking price common sense says that they r stupid and dont have a clue about what makes that coin rare or they r hoping ur the stupid one that will buy it at their asking price and it’s just a common coin that doesnt have the thing other than the same date there r 8 different varieties of 1982 penny and only one of them is super valuable WHY? What is it that makes one of eight valuable ? But I’m sure most who post things will say I have a bunch of 1982 pennies how much r they worth? A little more than the brain uve been given! Find out what the reason and why its valuable and which one read !read !read ! I’m not sayn this about u I’m talking the people who think they have this treasure trove of 6 wheat pennies and dont give any thing other than the date and expect an answer of it’s worth and have no clue as to what determines a coins value

  10. I was collecting pennies and I have a good amount that I know are worth alot I wanted to pass them to My Grandkids but They are not intrested, I am willing to pass them on for a donation to start up My New Scared Straight Program that I am starting up here in Harlem.

  11. I also have a indeanhead penny I’ve hung onto it for a while now but it was suposingly
    Graded. Menu years ago like 40 or 50 years ago.

    • Good evening Sir,
      I have a 1966 Lincoln Cent that looks like a tiny mushroom. The obverse is normal looking but the rim touches the L of liberty and all the letters of In God We Trust. The penny is 20mm in diameter and has a thickness of slightly more than 1mm. The coin is circulated.
      The reverse is convex. All lettering is intact but on a curved edge. The penny is copper (or bronze) but appears to be about the size of a dime. Is this a common error, or do I have something worth having graded?
      Another question please. I have several rolls of unc wheaties. If I should decide to submit these for grading with the likes of PCGS or another how do I pack my cents to ensure they don’t get scratched or damaged in transit? Thank you for you precious time. Sincerely,
      James Marshall

    • About 15 cents mayb 18 cents. research each year and find out if there r any rare varieties from those years all u have listed is the years u need to read more about what things make a coin valuable just cuz u have a few older coins means just about nothing find out what makes a certain penny valuable 1982 penny had 8 different varieties but only one is worth thousands of dollars and the other 7 r worth about 2 cents each so if u have a bunch of 82s the odds r very low that u have the rare one but u need to know which one is the valuable one so just saying u have a certain year means nothing if u dont know if that year has an error the year is a small part but not the only thing

  12. Is it possible to have a 1865/5 indian head penny? If so, what is the value? I’m lost and confused about this penny. Thanks alex

  13. I have a 1910 wheat penny 1943 wheat penny I have a 1946 wheat penny 1945 wheat penny 1995 wheat penny 1940 wheat penny have a 19 steel 44 wheat penny in the 1934 steel wheat penny

  14. I have all of the books that have the years marked and you fill the books. Almost all slots are filled. I also have a jar full of the steel pennies. My dad left them to me when he passed away.

    • I would recomend people avoid these ads in newspapers looking to buy coins and they setup at hotels they say they pay the highest prices for all coins and bills its a con and once you get there they will pressure you saying they are the highest prices out there please don’t fall for itu6

  15. I was doing my cash deposits from the day when I came across a1944 steal penny in excellent condition. I work at a California university and figured some kids probably Inherited a drive old coins from his grandfather not knowing what they were worth used him to purchase some snacks during finals week didn’t know what the penny was worth at the time made the mistake of pulling it out and showing my boss who does collect coins he looked at it for quite a while and then stuck it in his pocket and I Said oh that’s nice can I have my penny back weapon he said well at that time I I had to leave to go take my deposit over to the bank came back he was gone ask him for it Monday morning and that was a Friday asking for it Monday morning he says he thought I gave it back to me no he didn’t never did it just disappeared when I found out what it was worth I cried and he told me well I guess we just have to chalk this up as a loss unfortunately it is my loss not his.

  16. Please excuse my mistakes I was doing speech to Tex due To arthritis I should’ve proofread it before hitting send my mistake couple of the mistakes I made was when he said white penny it came out as a weapon also I figured the kid must’ve inherited a jar of old coins not a drive anyways I’m sure you can figure the rest of them out thanks for your time

  17. I have four Indian pennys 1886,1903,1907,1909.What are they worth.I also have a larg asortment of wheat pennys.Would some one help me.thank you.and every one please be safe.

  18. I have a 1918 Lincoln wheat penny in good condition. I would really like to know if it is worth. Also I have a 1972 Lincoln penny double die. Also in good condition.

  19. As a kid I collected pennies in a blue foldable holder. I have every penny from 1909 to 1940. EVERY ONE I wish to sell my entire collection. How do I do that? I also have some buffalo Nickles and silver dimes. Need help. My email: [email protected]. Thanks in advance, John

  20. if you are just starting out collecting penny’s the best place to get them is at the bank. people roll up what they have at home and take them to the bank. you can sometimes find rare ones in the rolls, plus it’s fun to go through them. I found a 2006 proof penny in uncirculated condition. times are tough and people need money. that old jar of pennys that has been in the closet for the last 20 years or so is making it to the bank.

  21. Hi I have a 1943D 1943S and a 1943 air collectibles cases and I have a 1909 silver quarter and I have a 1918 wheat Penny 1914 wheat penny 1920 and another 1920D 1919 and I Kennedy half dollar the big coin what is it worth??? All of it?

  22. If you think you have something of value you don’t want every one on this site to know, my goodness don’t you know some psycho crazy look up your info and come rob you!

  23. I have a 1944 wheat penny and several 1969s ,1969 d and two or 3 1969 no mint mark pennies also several others like 1937,1955 and 1959 etcetc where and how do I go about selling them esp now since the Nsg and others are closed due to the pandemic .please advice and reply asap.Thank you.

  24. I have 1926 penny, 144 penny 1943 buffalo nickel, i also have 1954 penny, 1956 penny 1952, 1953 1951 1950 1951 1954 1955 two and so own looking to sell other wheat pennies

    • I have a 1919 wheat penny that has 2 tiny words engraved above the date. I was wondering if anyone has ever seen or heard of this on a a coin?

      • The two tiny words were almost certainly added after the coin was struck by someone not affiliated with the U.S. Mint.

  25. This is my first time ever , I’ve got a couple 1943 D wheat back coins, actually several 1910 to 1958 wheat backs. Could someone give a good recommendation on were to get coins graded ad apprised. Near Knoxville Tenn, or Lexington Ky.
    Thank you.

  26. I have a 1909 wheat penny and a 1927 & 1937 a bunch of 1940s. I don’t know who to take them to if anyone knows. Thanks

  27. I have many wheat pennies. My youngest son loved to collect them. I believe the oldest is 1910 and 1916 can anyone please let me know the value. Thank you

  28. I have a 1902 Indian Head Penny. Edges are smooth, back is readable, and front has no letters only year. Overall it looks good.
    Is it worth anything big?

  29. I have a 1946 penny wheat what will it be worth and three buffalo nickel one 1936 two can’t see dates v five cent peaces one 1888 1905 1911 and five cent say on back 5 with star’s around it can’t see dates all the other one have star’s around them with a lady head on back a v

  30. I’ve been collecting coins since I was a little girl . I really enjoy this hobby . How do I get a dealer if I choose to ?

    • Hi Kathy,

      Choosing the right dealer is an important decision. Start with deciding on your collecting goals, collecting area, and budget… then find a dealer that you can trust that will work with you to achieve these goals.

  31. I recently went to a pawn shop to possibly sell some my old coins coins from mid 1800’s to current . the man seemed to know his coins but went through them really fast and only was interested in my silver coins . i was very disappointed, i feel like i need a second opinion so i will know what they are worth.
    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated and i would pay if someone can helpme with my coin jungle.

  32. I have a 1900 Indian head penny Plus a high verity of pennys in 1940s 1950s and much earlier plus a 1943. Where can I take them to sell?

  33. Wow….I just started collecting the pennies and have a handful already. Its fun to do…the oldest one I have is 1930. I’m looking for a 1943…. Can’t wait to find one. Thanks for the information in the article.

  34. Iv have found an 1943 wheat penny no mint an1944 an a 45 an 1941(2) of them got an 35 an a 1955 no mint an iv got an 1944 steel wheat penny what do I need to do to see about getting there value an if they are how and where to take them to

  35. I have a 1917 no mint mark missing l in Liberty and the W in we In God We Trust is double stamped wheat penny can anybody tell me what it’s worth

  36. Thanks to Mr James Begley for his reply on “what’s my random worthless penny worth.”
    I agree with you 100%.
    Some people are just down rite stupid (for lack of a better word).Good Lord people…know a little of what you are talking about instead of thinking that every coin you find is gonna be worth more than Fort Knox.
    My grandson is two years old and probably smarter than most adults on this site.
    Educate yourself people.

  37. I got two sets of more than 85% of these wheat pennies. Most in great condition. I got dates 1909 to 1961 an i also have older ones aswell. I need help with getting them appraised or authenticated.

  38. I have a 1910 that was a 1909 s VDB impossible? Nope there’s been two to pop up but never graded or certified this coin is in very ce shape and u can see the 1909 under the 1910 and when u look with the naked eye u can’t quite make out anything on the back but get a jewelers loop and u can see where the VDB was covered and u can see the texture or imprint of vdb and u can see the points of the letters where it’s wearing off If u are interested in looking at it or even purchasing it email me I’m about to send it in to one of the grading company’s and I’ll v already gotten DSS bullion to look at it and they tell me to send it in. It’s pretty amazing and once graded and certified I can only imagine what it’s worth. I looked up some Storys after I had noticed it and came Across a story about it and the author’s name I believe was a Dr Taylor but when reading it it was like the penny I had found in an estate sale was the one he had looked at cuz it described it to the tee. Every coin I had gotten from there had a special error or something special about it I just thought at first it was just a nice looking specimen but while looking threw a loop at it that when I seen it and discovered the Storys about an 1910 that beared the VDB which is actually a 1909 s VDB that was ran the next year and was supposed to be destroyed and wasnt I would imagine there are more but no one knows to look and trust me it’s hard to see or notice I’ll show u pics where I put it under different color schemes to make it more noticable and no it’s not a fake IV been doing this long enough to know a fake and local coin shops and others have looked at it and agree and have told me to send it in to have it graded and certified ull be hearing about it soon I would imagine cuz Ill be sending it out within the next couple weeks

  39. All of you clowns who are curious as to the ball park value of your coins……Helloooo …..youre on the internet! Look up the value of wheat leaf pennies in google. Its not that hard. If you are wanting to sell, look up the numismatic group closest to your residence and be pay them a visit. Or….you can simply place the coin in a cool dry place in an airtight container, and be satisfied to have a piece of history to pass on.

  40. I have 2 sandwich bags full of 1940s and 50s pennies plus same from 30s 20s and teens. Know 1919 year mother born. How to find calue? Sold steel ones to dealer.

    Also have 40s and 50s nickles. Sold 42-44 to dealer. Didn’t want to even check rest.

    Best way to find value. All in pretty good shape but not mint.


  41. I have a 1942 wheat pennie that is no mint double stamped, double died, and misprinted. What do u think that would be worth being it has not 1not 2 but 3 rare and collectable qualities. Please email me if posssible.

  42. I’m no pro but I have 2 192 no mint ghost penny also 195 D mint D is touch the 9 ghost penny do folks collect them? Note I have looked them up on Google ..

  43. I would recomend people avoid these ads in newspapers looking to buy coins and they setup at hotels they say they pay the highest prices for all coins and bills its a con and once you get there they will pressure you saying they are the highest prices out there please don’t fall for it

  44. I have a complete set of 1909 to 2009 Lincoln Penny with all Mintmarks within each date. All pennies have been used but each has good detail and full dates. What would you determine my collections worth be considering the information I provided? Thank you in advance for your time and answer.

  45. I have a 1944 wheat penny with a D on it and I took a megnet to it and it does not stick to it how do I find out what it is worth then how would I sell it ?

  46. If u are reading these posts I assume u have internet access.So what I’m saying is look that shit up there is a thing called Google and it’s pretty good damn smart.there is endless info on U S coins

  47. I have a 1955 s wheat penny in pretty good condition how do i find out if its one of the ones thats worth bucks? Thank you. Shelly C.

  48. I have a 1943 D copper penny does not stick to a magnet weighs 3.11 to 3.2 depending on the scale have not done a specific gravity test on it but always if it walks like a duck sounds like a duck then is more likely to be a duck . And I know what they are worth I’m interested in offers by the Way garuntied to b the real deal

  49. I have seen about a hundred 1943 copper wheat pennies listed on here. I know there are only 9 of the minted ones left to find.Have yours checked out by a reputable coin company for you are either rich, or you have a fake !!!

  50. Only thing about doing your homework about these U.S. coins is that the same coins that you have worth money nobody want to buy it cause it has a certain value knowing if you have the same value ones some of the dealers not going to tell you they worth a certain amount of money they trying to make big money off your pennies that you didn’t know had such value.

  51. I have (6) 1943 steel wheat pennies. Any idea what they are worth? They are all in pretty good condition. Any help with be greatly appreciated.

  52. Hi I have two 1943 “S” and “D” steel and zinc but they both have traces of other metals in them. I would like to find out what the value of them are.

  53. I also have a great collection of penny stocks that u know have sold for a bunch of money. I have four 1992 pennies that the “AM” in the word America Tham in touching each other. I saw I article on Google that those 1992 pennies are rare and sold for 25,000 sun journal please I have pennies that need to go to action.

  54. Actually four different back side wheat reverse, Lincoln memorial reverse, the 100 year anniversary Lincoln reverse, and the current reverse.

  55. I have a lot of penny from 1902-1969 1955 1954-53-52 I have us mint D S all different mint I want to sell them they are real legit pennies

  56. I have a 1917 wheat penny and the 1928 1930 1935 1936 1939 a 40 1941 1942 1943 1944 and 1945 1946 1949 50 52 53 56 2 of the 1957 three of the 1958 for the 1959 good 1960s 1961 1963 1964-Missy 65 5 of the 1966 and 1967 8 1968 10 1969 and ’70s on up into the 90s and they all have I have no with and without network some have Earth double down I like to sell them all and I also have them in Nichols times quarters and I have a 1975 Roosevelt dime

  57. Lincoln Head Cent’s worth is determined on numerous considerations: condition, number minted, errors are three. Condition – very basically falls into two cats girlies: circulated and uncirculated. Condition has a known numerical system based on its creator, Dr. William Sheldon. His system is considered in 1-70, one being so worn it is barely distinguishable to determine what it is, while 70 is considered perfect. All the numbers be Ver in b/n relate to the condition. Common conditions for collectors may 20, 45, 55, these numbers represent circulated coins (ones that have entered commerce = have been used for purchasing commodities. Beginning at grade 60 are considered uncirculated and are more valuable. These coins are called “mint state” meaning that they have not been touched by human fingers. Uncirculated aka “unc” coins range in condition from 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, and 70. These numbers are a modern convention. Prior to numerical u
    values, there were general categories: Fair, Good, Very Good, Fine, Very Fine, Extra Fine, Almost Uncirculated, Uncirculated: abbreviated as Fa, G, VG, F, VF, EF, AU, and MS. The letters now precede the numbers: examples- G-6, F-12, EF-45, AU 55, and MS-60 through 70.

  58. Eric Bergin
    I have a small collection of coins and would like to get someone’s opinion. I know they are worth something from a nickel that has been struck 3x, a penny that never became a full penny, 1918 gold in color wheat penny and a few others


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