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Howling Wolves: Second Grey Wolf Silver Coin Released to Market


The Royal Canadian Mint debuts its haunting depiction of howling wolves in a 3/4-oz silver coin.

The 2016 Howling Wolves coin is the Royal Canadian Mint’s second tribute to the Great White North’s legendary hunter. With thick coats illuminated under a full moon, two howling grey wolves raise their song from the hillside on this new Silver coin. Unique security features (including precise radial lines and a micro-engraved, laser-etched maple leaf) ensure the coin is as sophisticated as it is radiant.

Territorial, elusive and cunning, the grey wolf covers miles every day in search of food. Pack sizes range from five to 11 individuals, but are sometimes much larger in the winter. Strong social bonds and a complex communication system keep the pack together, moving and hunting as a well-organized and lethal unit.

After long hunts and travel, wolves welcome their pack and warn their enemies with a chorus of howls that carry for miles across their territory. The bone-chilling sound of modulated pitches echo and scatter across trees, ridges and cliffs to surprising and bolstering effect. Hauntingly beautiful, the spirit of the wild sound and sight has been immortalized in silver by the Royal Canadian Mint.

“The chilling detail in this coin reflects the grey wolf’s severe conditions and apex predator status,” said APMEX Vice President of Merchandising Andrew Martineau, describing the coin. “We’re excited to bring another 3/4 oz Silver coin to our customers from the Royal Canadian Mint, who has continued to pioneer high-quality bullion coins with incredible designs and unparalleled security features.”

As an APMEXclusive®, the 3/4-oz of .9999 fine Silver coin is minted with a limited availability. By comparison, the mint’s Wildlife Series and Bird of Prey Series each have a mintage of one million coins.

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