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Hydropower! Colorized and Glow-in-the-Dark Swiss 20 Franc

Hydropower! Colored and Glow-in-the-Dark Swiss 20 Franc

By Federal Mint Swissmint ……

On September 9, 2021, Swissmint is issuing the new “Hydropower” silver coin, the first in the three-part “Energy of the Future” series. This commemorative coin marks the first time in Swissmint’s history that it has issued a colored coin with additional fluorescent elements that glow in the dark. The new coin for collectors and enthusiasts is available only in proof quality in a presentation case with a numbered certificate of authenticity and, together with the 2021 Christmas coin set, rounds off this year’s coin programme.

Hydropower 20-Franc Silver Coin with Color and Fluorescent Elements

Energy is a precious commodity and an indispensable part of our everyday lives. A sustainable energy supply plays an important role in this. The basis for these alternative forms of energy is provided by natural resources, such as water, wind, and sun.

Hydropower is one of the oldest energy sources in the world and was already used more than 5,000 years ago. It offers an efficient, climate- and environmentally friendly form of electricity generation. In Switzerland, the hydropower plant network consists of run-of-river power plants (usually consisting of a barrage formed of a weir in a flowing body of water, e.g. river power plants), storage power plants (hydropower plants with natural or artificial water storage reservoirs) and pumped storage power plants (consisting of two water basins located at different heights, e.g. Grimsel). A total of 677 plants are in operation throughout the country, producing an average of around 36,741 gigawatt-hours of electricity per year and thereby supplying 56% of Switzerland’s power needs.

Swissmint is honoring the promotion of renewable energies and the sustainable use of resources with its “Hydropower” 20-franc silver coin. This fine coin is not only captivating with its colourful details, but it also reveals another secret in the dark: the fluorescent elements printed on the coin begin to glow, which is another highlight in the history of Swiss coins. This is the first time that this special feature has been used on a coin issued by the Federal Mint Swissmint.

This silver coin is available only in Proof quality in a presentation case with a numbered certificate of authenticity and is the first in the three-part “Energy of the Future” series. It will be followed by “Solar Energy” in 2022 and “Wind Power” in 2023. At the top edge of the obverse face, the words “WASSER” (water) and “ENERGIE” (power/energy) are written in capitals, followed by the French and Italian designations “eau” and “acqua”; just below that, turbine components and data on water consumption in Switzerland are depicted. The lower half of the image shows an abstract color image of water and water flows.

The design was created by Swissmint engraver Benjamin Löbbert.

2021 Christmas Coin Set

The new Christmas coin set rounds off Swissmint’s programme of issues for 2021. It combines the 2021 circulation coins with a shiny Christmas medal. The medal depicts a trumpet-blowing angel and snow stars on the front, and the Star of Bethlehem on the reverse.

The new commemorative coin and the coin set will be available from September 9, 2021 onwards as limited editions at www.swissmintshop.ch as well from some coin dealers and banks.

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About the Federal Mint Swissmint

The Federal Mint Swissmint produces the country’s coins for use in everyday payment transactions. The Federal Mint also regularly issues commemorative coins and coinage of a higher standard for the numismatic market. Commemorative coins in bimetal, silver or gold bear an official, state-guaranteed, nominal value and are available in various minting qualities.

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