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Hyperinflation, Gold Confiscation or Gold Standard Coming Soon? ….Maybe

“Hyperinflation is a certainty,” warns veteran precious metals and rare coin expert Barry Stuppler, of Stuppler & Company (www.Stuppler.com) in Woodland Hills, California. He is President of the California Coin & Bullion Merchants Association, a co-founder and current Board Member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets, a Board Member of the Professional Numismatists Guild and the Immediate Past President of the American Numismatic Association.

He has written “U.S. Hyperinflation Is Coming Soon,” a 24-page, 12,000 word analysis of economic, historic and social factors and suggested plan of action for investors. In it, Stuppler concludes: “If your assets are stored primarily in U.S. Dollars, you need to act now to protect your family, wealth and future.”

The International Accounting Standards Board defines hyperinflation as “a cumulative inflation rate over three years approaching 100 percent (26 percent per annum compounded for three years in a row).”

Stuppler points out that law makers across the country are beginning to question the value of the U.S. Dollar, and that the state of Utah is looking into establishing its own form of legal tender and nine other states are considering making gold and silver legal tender. He recommends people invest a minimum of 50 percent of their financial capital in precious metals.

In the analysis Stuppler also looks at the possibilities of the federal government confiscating citizens’ gold as it did under President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War and again under President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression. He believes that if the U.S. government again wants citizens to turn in their gold that rare coins again would be exempt as they were under the 1933 executive order issued by Roosevelt.

“Suggesting that hyperinflation is in our future, and that we should prepare for it, may surprise some investors. It’s certainly not what you will hear from most economists, although some are beginning to express concern about it. I believe hyperinflation is a certainty, and people should know how to protect themselves or even profit from this historic event,” he said.

For a complimentary copy of “U.S. Hyperinflation Is Coming Soon,” contact Stuppler & Company, Inc., at (818) 592-2800 on line www.Stuppler.com. To view the article visit www.coinmag.com

Barry Stuppler
Barry Stuppler
Barry Stuppler & Co. offers a great selection of gold and silver, rare and investment quality coins to our valued clients. As the current elected president of the 30,000 member American Numismatic Association (ANA) and the president of the California Coin and Bullion Merchants Association (CCBMA), Barry Stuppler brings expertise and integrity to the numismatic trade.

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