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Important and Rare World Coins Headline Tauler and Fau Auctions

Important and Rare World Coins Headline Tauler and Fau Auctions

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On February 5, 2020, the numismatic auction firm of Tauler and Fau held their Floor Auction 50 at the Gran Meliá Fénix Hotel in Madrid, Spain. Bidding on the Ancient, World and Spanish coins Tauler and Fau had on offer was especially strong over the internet.

Below are just a few of the highlights.

Ancient & World Coin Highlights from Auction 50

Lot 546: Gold 1842 Isabella II 80 Reales

This 80 reales gold coin, struck in Barcelona in 1842 during the reign of the controversial Spanish queen Isabella II (1833-1868), is one of only two known. Circulated but with good eye appeal and some original luster, it sold for 10,500 euros (about $11,647.27 USD at the time of publication).

Lot 234: Gold Aureus of Faustina the Elder (ca. 141-47 CE)

And speaking of original luster, this ancient Roman gold aureus from the reign of Emperor Antoninus Pius (the fourth of the “Five Good Emperors”, who ruled 138-161 CE) is one of the finest examples of the DIVA FAVSTINA commemorative coinage known to exist. It was issued sometime between 141 and 147 in honor the emperor’s late wife Faustina the Elder. It sold for 19,000 euros (about $21,076.02 USD).

Lot 258: Gold Aureus of Tacitus (ca. 275-6 CE)

Over two hundred years later, during the “Crisis of the Third Century”, this gold aureus of the old yet capable emperor Tacitus was struck in the Roman colony of Ulpia Serdica near the present-day Bulgarian capital of Sofia. Three examples were known to have survived down to the modern era, though one was melted down after a famous theft in the early 19th century. This, therefore, makes this coin the best specimen of the two extant pieces. The coin sold for 23,000 € (about $25,513.07 USD).

Lot 433: Silver 1759 Ferdinand VI New Kingdom of Granada 8 Reales

This coin was struck in the Spanish colonial New Kingdom of Granada of South America in 1759 during the last year of the reign of Spanish king Ferdinand VI (1746-1759). A very rare piece, this silver 8 reales is a good example of cabinet toning. It sold for 26,000 € (about $28,840.86 USD).

Lot 347: Silver 1547 Charles & Joanna 4 Reales

And finally, we have an impressive coin from the cabinet of King Charles and his mother Joanna. Minted in Saragossa in Aragon, Spain, this silver 4 reales served as a presentation piece and is based on the Castilian design. Few coins had been produced at the Saragossa mint in decades until 1547, when this specimen was manufactured. It sold for 32,000 euros (about $35,496.45 USD).

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To learn more about Tauler and Fau’s upcoming Auction 51, visit here.

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