JM Bullion Now Selling Scottsdale Mint Products


Two Coins, Tombstone Silver Nugget Bars, Stacker Rounds, and Patriot Metals Stacker Silver Bars

Responding to increased demand for unique high-quality bullion, JM Bullion is now offering select products from the Scottsdale Mint. Pledging environmental responsibility, the Scottsdale Mint refines metals to a minimum .999 purity using an award-winning recycling process. Recycled materials are sourced from the photography and manufacturing industries.

JM Bullion, a leading online retailer of precious metals, will provide an outlet for bullion enthusiasts to purchase Scottsdale Mint products in any quantity. Additionally, JM Bullion is selling Scottsdale Mint silver the general public cannot buy directly from the mint – the Patriot Metals Stacker Silver Bars. Purchase these bars from JM Bullion today, along with various other Scottsdale Mint items.

“We’re very excited to offer Scottsdale Mint products on JM Bullion,” Tom Fougerousse, JM Bullion’s Vice Presidents of Operations, begins. “Their high quality, innovative offerings will be a welcomed addition to our selection and are sure to be popular among our customers.”

One of Scottsdale Mint’s more ingenious creations is the Scottsdale Stacker Silver Round. Though each weight has a different depth, all have the same surface area, so different weights can interlock. These ultra-high relief rounds feature the mint’s crowned lion logo on the obverse. On the reverse, the same image is inversely struck, which enables interlocking and secure stacking.

Each Tombstone Silver Nugget Bar is one-of-a-kind. The dimpled finish gives it an authentic feel, as does the canvas pouch in which it ships. Larger orders ship in handcrafted, genuine wooden crates. No two bars or wooden crates are identical.

Josh Phair, President of Scottsdale Mint LLLP, explains why people are enthusiastic about their products.

“Bullion from our US-based mint continue[s] to be some of the more contemporary and innovative in the market, such as the Silver Stacker® bars and new Certi-Lock® Certificate of Authenticity program that includes a free phone app for consumers to verify their coins, such as the silver Fiji Iguana.”

The Scottsdale Mint partnered with the Fijian government to produce the 2015 Fiji Iguana Silver Coin. They also produced the 2015 Congo Silver Silverback Gorilla Coin for the Republic of Congo. Both coins have limited mintages, and each is part of its own separate series to which new coins will be added annually.

More than doubling in revenue every year since its founding in October 2011, JM Bullion has become a trusted name in the precious metals industry. Visit the site at

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