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Kolbe & Fanning Publish American Paper Money Catalogue

Kolbe & Fanning Publish American Paper Money Catalogue

Kolbe & Fanning Numismatic Booksellers are pleased to announce the availability of our July fixed-price catalogue, featuring rare and desirable works on American paper money. The 127-lot PDF catalogue is divided into two sections–highlights and more common items–and offers a wide variety of material costing from under $20 to over $1,000 USD. To download the catalogue, visit our website above or click here.

A few highlights from this offering include:

  • An exceptional copy of Gwynne & Day’s 1859 Descriptive Register of Genuine Bank Notes
  • Several editions of Heath’s Counterfeit Detectors, including the rare first edition, 10th printing
  • A volume of vignettes, portraits and design specimens compiled for Bureau of Engraving and Printing Chief Henry C. Jewell
  • Elisha Potter’s rare 1837 work on Rhode Island paper money, the first specialized monograph on American currency
  • A splendid copy of the 1819 Society of Arts report on the prevention of counterfeiting
  • A rare 1851 Thompson Autographical Counterfeit Detector in an exceptional binding.

The catalogue is being published only in PDF form. No printed catalogue will be issued. It is being distributed first to those customers of ours who have signed up for our email list. You can sign up for our mailing list on our website at numislit.com. Kolbe & Fanning occasionally issues similar fixed price PDF catalogues, so make sure you are among the first to know of them: most items offered are one of a kind.

Please email Kolbe & Fanning at [email protected] or call our office at (614) 414-0855 to purchase items.

* * *

Kolbe & Fanning Numismatic Booksellers LLC is a licensed and bonded auction firm in the State of Ohio. For more information, please see the Kolbe & Fanning website at numislit.com or email David Fanning at [email protected]. We look forward to your participation.

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