Larry Shepherd talks about ANA Membership, Past Litigation and the 2011 ANA show in Chicago

Larry Shepherd, executive Directory of the American Numismatic Associations talks with CoinWeek’s David Lisot about the ANA membership (down 10%), issues with past litigation at the ANA, and the big plans for the upcoming 2011 Summer ANA Money show to be held in Chicago.

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Shepherd said the convention hall space available at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Chicago allows the ANA to increase bourse space, create more room for museum-quality exhibits, provide free space for clubs and professional organizations to meet, and provide more table options to attract new dealers and first-time buyer tables.

By encouraging specialty numismatic organizations to gather for the World’s Fair of Money, those organizations could make the summer ANA the destination for all of their annual meetings, symposiums and educational programs. Specialty numismatic organizations would be encouraged to offer educational content to all ANA members, with the ANA coordinating its presentations with those of specialty organizations, thus making it possible to further expand educational offerings.

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