Latest in Silver Charm Silver Coin Series: Gilded Fortune From CIT

Latest in Silver Charm Silver Coin Series: Gilded Fortune From CIT

Silver Charms: Gilded Fortune

Palau. 5 dollars 2020. Silver .999, gilded. 1 oz. Silk finish. 38.61 mm. Mintage: 777. B. H. Mayer’s Kunstprägeanstalt, Munich.

Description of the Coin

The blank has the shape of a four-leave clover with stem. The obverse shows elaborate, intertwined ornaments. The reverse depicts the coat of arms of Palau, above, the inscription REPUBLIC OF PALAU, below, 5$, on the stem the year 2020.


In 2018, CIT Coin Invest issued the first piece of its series “Silver Charms” called “Silver Fortune”.

Since then, three products have been released: “Twinkling Star”, “Silver Heart” and “My Guardian Angel”. All of them are special shape coins and, thanks to sophisticated smartminting© technology, they are three dimensional. All obverses are decorated with different, carefully designed ornaments.

This series is not only popular among collectors but has also become a sought-after gift because every “Silver Charm” is a numismatic lucky charm that can be carried around in its owner’s pocket.

With “Gilded Fortune”, CIT takes its successful series to the next level: for the first time, the blank was gilded after minting. Meanwhile, the usually constant mintage of “Silver Charms” was reduced from 2,500 to 777.

That makes “Gilded Fortune” not only a lucky charm but also a collectors’ item coming directly from the market leader in terms of special shaped coins.

Further Information

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